Wednesday, May 29, 2013

180 in 180 Days 31 & 32

Hey Ya'll,
Last night the hubby and I celebrated his new job and the unexpected extras that came along with it. (I'm so proud of him) We went to this steakhouse restaurant in our local "luxury" shopping center, The Domain. The steakhouse is called Fleming's. Now, I'm from Texas, so a good steak is not a foreign concept to me. But goodness I don't think I've ever experienced such a meal before. Not only was the atmosphere mellow, it managed to be casually elegant if you can imagine that. With soft red lighting to encourage the appetite and your choice of white or black linens for your table as you are seated. Staff were all friendly and appeared to be well treated... There are few worse things than being waited on by disgruntled serving staff. Despite my attempt to eliminate terrestrial animals from my diet for awhile, I did take this very rare opportunity to enjoy an adult meal with just my husband. Every morsel was worth it too.

Procini crusted Filet Mignon with a Blue Cheese  Bearnaise and grilled Asperagus.

Ceasar Salad with Parmesan Crisp

Fresh Parmesan French-style bread with Roasted Tomato Compound Butter and a Roasted Garlic Compound Butter
My husband absolutely loved the roasted tomato compound butter that came with our fresh bread. It was slightly sweet and well seasoned. It reminded me of dipping a slice of well buttered bread into a perfect tomato basil soup. My favorite of the butters was the roasted garlic compound, really just because I love garlic. The almost nutty sweetness of the roasted garlic appealed to me more I think also because it wasn't as sweet as the roasted tomato butter. Not that the roasted tomato butter was oddly sweet, it just didn't allow for the earthy savoriness that I look for when eating fresh bread. And since I'm eating bread far less, I choose to eat it in my favorite way when I do. The Cesar Salad to be honest was not the best I have ever had. I feel the dressing was slightly under seasoned, it could have used a bit more anchovy. But by no means was it offensively sub-par. The Parmesan crisp did provide that extra bit of saltiness that I was looking for in the salad as I ate it between bites. The steak I chose was perfectly cooked. So often if I order my steak medium I end up with it closer to rare. I know that many people prefer rare when eating a beautiful cut of meat, but my personal preference is to have a warm center (fresh cuts of fish being the exception). At first I wasn't certain about the blue cheese sauce with the steak, I was afraid it would be over powering. But I was pleasantly surprised. The sauce had just the right amount of blue cheese flavor without taking over the flavors of everything on the plate. Just enough to add an extra level of Umami to the experience. So beautifully done I found myself making sure that each bite of steak was adequately covered in the sauce even though it in no way needed sauce to enhance the flavor or texture of the steak itself. Overall, this meal really allowed our occasion to feel as special as it was to us.

That was my night last night, today life was a bit simpler. And that was just fine. A couple of lovely walks around the neighborhood today and yoga this afternoon after a terribly long day of work. A simple dinner and plenty of water made the extra movement added to today effortless. Though now I am so ready for bed that I can't seem to finish this posting fast enough. are you celebrating anything? Do you have a favorite spot to patron for celebrations? Or do you have places that you are ticking off your lists as the opportunity arises?
Peace & Namaste Ya'll  
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