Thursday, May 31, 2012

Setting Goals, Classes & New Jobs?

Hey Ya'll,
Okay so after all of my whining I put my big girl panties on and refocused. I have reorganized a new health challenge at work. I failed to reach any of my goals on the first challenge and found myself feeling like a failure. What I learned is that I was focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time. I needed to reconnect with myself as a person and really understand what I wanted and devise a plan to obtain my desires. I also realized I was exhausted and needed something to be relinquished. Which brings me to my Summer time endeavors. My child will be gone for the Summer visiting her grandparents which really allows me the chance to focus on myself. I definitely need to be able to do exactly that for a few months and develop some really beneficial habits. In addition to having the time to to dedicate to my body I will also have the time to dedicate to my mind. Classes at IIN will begin for me in July and I hope to be able to document my experience here with ya'll as I complete the program over the next year. I am looking to really open this practice up into something that will combine nicely with my future birth support practice.
For more immediate relief I have been informed that a different role within my company is expected to open up sometime soon. It would be familiar yet new for me, which will really help me wade out my last few years with the company while I complete all of my certifications and build my practice. So, I have taken a deep cleansing breath in...and now I wait for the relieving complete exhale. The Most High has my back so I know it's coming!
Peace and Namaste Ya'll    

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Root of My Frustrations

I have begun a new certification program with a holistic nutrition school that has really prompted me to dig deep and understand where my food "problems" stem from. I have learned that I am definitely a person who self medicates with food (surprise surprise). Ultimately I have found that...I hate what my life has become.
Okay, that may be a bit melodramatic, but I definitely do not love the work that I do. I had such high hopes for this job, but it's too many client in too short of time. Everyone needs so much help and there is only so much to go around. In the end I also feel that we do the community a disservice by making things so "easy" for them. Rather than really and truly teaching them or even in some cases using "tough love" to show them how to take their health into their own hands. I sick of having to serve so many people who are unhappy in their lives also. They drain the life from me. I want to work with people who are satisfied, happy even, in their life. Who want to be where they are at that time and are actively making conscious decisions to do what is best for them by coming to see me. The hours I work are not fantastic, and the pay is not comparable to the stress.
But I don't know how to make enough money to keep our families finances in order doing something that I will actually love. It seems I will need to either sacrifices time and desire for money, or money for happiness. Unfortunately, my husband has been unable to launch himself back into his direct career field so his portion of the family income is much less than it used to be. So it is not really possible for me to just leave and build from scratch. *le sigh* I can't give up, apparently that's what I have been doing which is why I have been hiding in my plates. I just need help!! I need help move on to the next stage. I need help feeling like I have a chance to be happy here. I need help finding a way to survive transitioning. I need help becoming happy again.
Sorry about all the whining lately. I'm just a little lost and could really use some direction and quickly. *shrug* Oh well, I'm sure it will happen. The Most High never fails.
Namaste Ya'll

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Primary Foods

So I've been learning some new ways of thinking about what I have learned the new concepts of Primary Foods. Primary Foods those elements of our lives that feed our souls; i.e.: doing work that you really connect with rather than work that doesn't align with your core values, having a spiritual practice that best fits your needs and beliefs, having an exercise regimen that you ENJOY and take part in regularly, and last but certainly not least having Healthy meaningful relationships in your life. The idea that these things contribute to one's health and happiness just as much as a clean diet is not necessarily revolutionary for me. But the idea that if I start with the nurturing these "foods" in my life that the remainder of my health will follow suit. With that said I believe that I will begin with repairing my spiritual & exercise needs with a new yoga studio. I have found one that is closer to my home, less expensive than any other studio I have encountered, and next door to the boxing gym that my dear hubby works out at. The only other thing I can hope for is that the instructors are wonderful and easy to connect with, should they be this will very serendipitous. I think this will be a good journey....It's definitely been a long one so far *le sigh*
Namaste Ya'll

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Decisions Good Vibrations

Hey Ya'll,
So remember when I wrote last time about really cutting back on eating land animals and doing my best to eliminate processed foods. Well, apparently it really is what seems to work best for me. This allows me the most freedom in my diet with the greatest results. I don't feel deprived and I actually got a complement today. Someone (outside of the home) noticed that I have looking pretty darn good these days. I really needed that complement to recharge the old self-esteem batteries. Now I know I can survive the massive amount of eating out that is about to happen while we go on vacation. I think I want to change up my workout routine, but I'm nearly finished with Jillian Michael's Body Revolution so I may as well complete the program. Then I think I'm ready for my yoga practice to open itself up again. Sometimes you just have to change things up in order to remember how much you appreciate the way things were.

Side Note: I think I just may begin to post pics of stuff on here to keep things interesting. Everyone loves visuals these days right? Hmm
Namaste Ya'll