Saturday, May 19, 2012

Primary Foods

So I've been learning some new ways of thinking about what I have learned the new concepts of Primary Foods. Primary Foods those elements of our lives that feed our souls; i.e.: doing work that you really connect with rather than work that doesn't align with your core values, having a spiritual practice that best fits your needs and beliefs, having an exercise regimen that you ENJOY and take part in regularly, and last but certainly not least having Healthy meaningful relationships in your life. The idea that these things contribute to one's health and happiness just as much as a clean diet is not necessarily revolutionary for me. But the idea that if I start with the nurturing these "foods" in my life that the remainder of my health will follow suit. With that said I believe that I will begin with repairing my spiritual & exercise needs with a new yoga studio. I have found one that is closer to my home, less expensive than any other studio I have encountered, and next door to the boxing gym that my dear hubby works out at. The only other thing I can hope for is that the instructors are wonderful and easy to connect with, should they be this will very serendipitous. I think this will be a good journey....It's definitely been a long one so far *le sigh*
Namaste Ya'll
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