Thursday, June 17, 2010


In desperate need of a  really good Flow class. My emotions, body, and thoughts are all out of wack. Dear God, please get me into to see someone really soon so that I can be on my way to healing and practicing again. Thank You, Amen.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


So my grandmother used to say when you're confused about a moment in life, stand still.
Basically this is because it's hard to navigate yourself down the proper path until the dust settles and you can see. Thing is the dust never seems to settle in my life, and when I feel like it's beginning to someone walks through a kicks it all up again. I never thought that just living a good clean life was supposed to be so difficult and traumatic.....UGH  Oh well guess I'm standing still for awhile longer.

Ummm, I miss my yoga class and instructor!!!! My wrist still hasn't begun to feel any better and my tailbone has gotten so irritated I'm sleeping on the flipping sofa. Le Sigh..... LOL Maybe I can manage a few warrior poses and a Happy Baby or something (tee hee) I've got to get make to a peaceful place AND FAST.....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zen-Tasting Interrupted

So my search for physical zen has been interrupted due to injuries. I can't really continue my habit for yoga right now because I managed to bust up both my wrist and my tailbone in one fell swoop (or should I say fall). I went skating with my family a week and a half ago and fell straight down on my bum trying to catch myself with my right hand down onto a lovely polished cement floor. Ohhh the constant aching. I still haven't gone to see the Dr. but hopefully this medical insurance will kick in VERY soon so that I can without having to come out of pocket on hundreds of dollars that I don't have. *sigh* You never really notice how important individual parts of your body are until they are unable to add to the union that you've grown accustom to using. I feel debilitated and lost. My body is screaming for a downward dog, but I can't make it happen not a solid one anyway, because my poor wrist (on my dominant hand mind you) won't support it. Oh sweet baby Jesus I just want to be healed so that I can move freely again. By the way, the constant pain aching through my body makes me so exhausted. By the evening all I can do is lay down and fall asleep. My body is so not happy with me right now, ugh......... Oh and so because I can barely move all I want to do right now is EAT, but I can't for multiple reason, at least not like how I want to eat. I wonder how hard it really is to come up with a way to crack the lottery codes because I really need to win right now. I'm not too greedy just one million will put me in a place where I can feel in control of my life again; body fixed, debts paid, future goals lined up, all would be good. Oh well until the dream happens I guess I'll keep ice on my wrist sitting on one "cheek" at a time and studying for my content exams. My peace will come eventually, zen will be achieved.