Saturday, June 12, 2010


So my grandmother used to say when you're confused about a moment in life, stand still.
Basically this is because it's hard to navigate yourself down the proper path until the dust settles and you can see. Thing is the dust never seems to settle in my life, and when I feel like it's beginning to someone walks through a kicks it all up again. I never thought that just living a good clean life was supposed to be so difficult and traumatic.....UGH  Oh well guess I'm standing still for awhile longer.

Ummm, I miss my yoga class and instructor!!!! My wrist still hasn't begun to feel any better and my tailbone has gotten so irritated I'm sleeping on the flipping sofa. Le Sigh..... LOL Maybe I can manage a few warrior poses and a Happy Baby or something (tee hee) I've got to get make to a peaceful place AND FAST.....
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