Monday, December 26, 2011

Be Kind... Please Rewind

Do you ever feel like if you could go back in time you would make your life so much simpler and enjoyable than it currently is? I'm not even talking about playing Lotto numbers or investing in future stock. I mean just those seemingly simple life decisions that ultimately change your entire world down to every last detail in your life. Some days just the slightest upset can make you wish that you had made different choices in life. But I guess if it were simple enough to just have "do overs" then Life wouldn't be called Life, it would be called Backsies or just plain old Easy. I just have to remind myself that nothing is a "mistake" unless you fail to learn from it. As long as you learn from your actions they're just lessons. Hmm, but how do you get those closet to your life to understand this concept too? Unfortunately, if you cut out everyone who fails to work on "that one part of themselves" well life would end up pretty lonely. The simple fact that none of us is perfect should be enough to continue to grant passes to one another for those little annoyances. But the fact that none of us is perfect is one of the very reasons that sometimes we have a hard time continuously over looking the same offenses. Vicious cycles tend to end viciously. SIGH....guess I'll continue to be the "bigger person" and go back to making things right, yet again. Or maybe I'll just keep quiet until the error is acknowledged on its own. Haven't decided which runner in the circle I want to be this time. Oh well, God please guide my hand.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tired...But motivated

Good evening world, so I'm closer to the end of this challenge than to the beginning and that is encouraging. I will say I did have a slip-up yesterday. I've been fighting being sick all week and yesterday my body just didn't not want to deal with anything at all. So I gave into comfort foods and laying on my butt for the better part of the day. Then I woke up this morning and had no desire really at all to eat until around 2 this afternoon. I'm not sure if it's because I over did it yesterday on the "questionable" foods and my body was still trying to process. Or if I'm just still not really feeling all that well. But Sunday morning will be a wake up shake and the same for lunch then our annual seafood dinner with the besties. T.M.I. moment for you all - usually meal replacement shakes "stop business from flowing freely" if you know what I mean. I'm finding that these Nutriveda Achieve shakes are actually "moving business along in an orderly fashion". This is very exciting for me, because this means that I won't have any real problems using this product long term. Which is what I'm going to need to do to reach my goals. I absolutely WILL NOT spend my last year in my twenties looking like I belong on a television reality weight loss show. I am determined to regain my life and stop hiding behind fat clothes and food. I love myself and I want to prove just how much I really love me. This is a short post today, I need to finish laundry and fall fast asleep. Good night all
Peace and Love Namaste Ya'll

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello all,
So I've passed the halfway mark in this challenge and all I can say is my cravings are driving me nuts. I know it's all in my head and I just have to push past it. I think it might just be because I haven't been feeling very well (my asthma has been bothering me and my job is stressing me) and all I want is something savory and warm and comforting. BUT that's what got my into this mess in the first place right? Comfort eating is NOT my friend!! It's not your friend either people, we have to take care of the problem at hand not feed it into silence. Right? I've been wanting everything from every culture's cuisine but I was good and I ate my veggies for lunch and mixed my shake for dinner. I even happily drank my shake for breakfast while sitting in a staff meeting full of doughnuts and kolaches!! I'm actually very proud of myself for that, but I'm still "achin for some bacon" hehe. Just four more days and then I'll back down to one meal replaced a day which will be much simpler. But I think maybe every other week I'll do my first two meals replaced, that feels reasonable to me. I'm really pretty sure I can do that successfully. Okay, back to my evening shake and my night of tv snuggling with the family.
Peace and Love, Namaste Ya'll

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halfway through 10 day challenge

Okay as promised I'm giving an update on my 10-day 10-lbs Challenge with my NutriVeda Achieve. I have successfully and fairly effortlessly managed to lose 7 lbs so far. I have only a few more days with using the shakes to replace 2 of my day's meals. I have a wedding and an annual friendship dinner this weekend and I'm not dreading going to either because of my "diet" I'll just replace breakfast and lunch with my shakes and eat dinner on both days during the celebrations with my friends. No one has to know unless I choose to share with them what I'm doing. And at this point I'm really willing to share what I'm doing. I don't feel like having to be hush hush about this "just in case I fail". I honestly feel like this is going to be something I can maintain. There's not calories counting, no killing myself in the gym (though I am still getting my workouts in), no starving myself, none of the things that have always created barriers to my success because they failed to match up with my lifestyle. I'm feeling successful and that's not a feeling I've had in this realm of my life for awhile. Oh and I've discovered that the "waxy heavy plant taste" that I mentioned in my previous post was the result of the brand of Rice Milk that I was using. I drank some on its own and found the milk tasted "waxy". Oh and I just made myself a shake this evening that tastes like liquid Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!!! And it is what I needed tonight after such a long day.
So the goal is to keep going strong with at least one meal replaced everyday after the 10 day challenge and drop at total of 40 lbs by my wedding anniversary. I have a feeling I can do it, if not I can do better. Woo go me!!
Peace and Love. Namaste Ya'll

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hello world,
Life this past summer has been obnoxiously jam  packed with work. The honeymoon period ended about 6 months ago and now I'm over how much energy is sucked from me each day at this place. I still believe in the mission, but I have lost quite a bit of my patience for servicing the public. Because you know what, people in this country have terrible attitudes because somewhere down the road in our lives we've been told that we're entitled to any and everything without giving anything in return. "We want free healthcare.....but we don't want to pay taxes for it" "We want to be serviced RIGHT NOW and we don't care who was here and needing to be taken care of before us" "We want You to do all the leg work for us....because it's too time consuming to do my own work and research" BLAH. Needless to say I'm over this. I don't mind teaching those willing to learn and servicing those who understand that the sun does not rise ans set on them alone. I do however mind everyone else right now, and this is not my normal disposition on life or towards people. This tells me that I need to place myself in to something new to regain my love of others. And so the hunt begins

On another note, I learned (very quickly) that the all juice fast is not...I repeat IS NOT... a functioning cleanse. You cannot expect to work full time, take care of your family, and adequately take care of yourself while on such a cleanse. One would need at least a full week to isolate themselves and allow their body a change to detox and adjust. This was something I did not have the opportunity to do, unfortunately working for me right now is mandatory not optional. But I have found a plant based NON-synthetic product that I am finding amazing. The product is called Nutriveda Achieve and it's a meal replacement shake mix that you can add fruit and/or veggies to. It is actually filling so I'm not wanting to pass out 30 minutes later from hunger while I'm at work. It honestly holds my for 3 hours minimum, and I know it's because I can add actual food to it, not just the juices of the foods. This is only my 3rd day in the 10lbs in 10 Days challenge and I've already dropped 5lbs. I've been eating lunch at work and having a shake for breakfast and dinner. But I think I might switch to eating dinner and having the shakes for breakfast and lunch instead because I enjoy sitting at the table and eating with my family more so than eating with my co-workers (or alone depending on the day). I will say that this product seems to make my thirsty but this very well maybe me simply realizing how I've neglected my water intake. So I've tried the French Vanilla flavor (there's also a Dutch Chocolate) and I'll be honest, if you're not careful on what you choose to mix with the flavor is a bit difficult to deal with. I think it has an odd waxy heavy plant aftertaste. BUT when mixed well with good ingredients it's very tasty, even my 7 yr old was impressed with the banana, peanut butter, almond milk blend. And I know there are some of you who will say well how is this any different from Slim Fast or any other meal replacement drink? I feel the difference is how the products are made, what they are made from, and who is willing to put their name on these products. Is some celebrity who has no degree, a team of personal trainers, and personal chefs endorsing it? Or is there a world renowned highly respect integrative medicine physician willing to put his name on the product? Would you trust the product to adequately nourish your picky eater child because you know what's in it is wholesome, nutritious, complex, and complete? My body is tired of being deprived and abused. I've decided to take care of myself from the inside out and fully intend to live beautifully.

Oh yea, in my absence I've started training for a 5k and will be running the Relay for Life on Nov 13 this year. I'll keep you all posted on my progress and my yoga mat has been opened at least 3 times a week lately. I'm aiming to increase it to a full 7 days a week soon, for the next 4 weeks I'll be adding an additional day to my routine. At the end of my 10-day challenge I'll let you guys know how much I've lost.
Peace and Love. Namaste Ya'll

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reboot Day....Sorry I lost track

Ok the days have been blurring together lately.Working 10-12 hr shifts 6 days a week for a few weeks at a time will eventually take its toll on your extracurricular activities. My rebooting has been okay and not so okay. To be honest the absolute worst part of it has been (TMI alert) the constipation, and having to be around people who are eating and me not being able to eat, also I've been feeling as though I smell like a walking expired multi-vitamin. This isn't cute at all....I decided to help with the constipation I'm going to have a completely vegan lunch each day so things can move along, rather than taking some manufactured potentially harmful chemical aid. LOTS of leafy greens should help and I'll juice for my other 2 meals. This is still so much better than how I've been treating myself, I'm proud to have started this venture and I'm determined to complete it. Now if I can somehow get paid what I make in a year now but only have to work 20 hours a week then I'll REALLY be on to something. LOL
Peace to ya'll. Namaste.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reboot Day 4

Day 4 nearly complete.
Hello all,
I'm sure you remember me considering going to bed early last night to avoid eating, so that I did veer from my amended Juice plan. Well, I did in fact go to bed before 9:30pm last night. My husband was cranky because he had been under-eating for the past two days. So I was sure to feed him well and let him play his video games in peace. After he was taken care of I curled up and watched cartoons until I drifted off into dreams of food. I know I's a shame, but at least dreaming about the food didn't add any unintended meals to my belly.
With that said, Day 4 has been better-ish. I ate a vegetarian lunch that was free of the restricted foods and I was very happy to do so. But again it's dinner time and this juice/water thing isn't cutting it. Having to cook a meal and not be able to eat any of it is torturous. I'll probably drink a cup of hot tea and go to bed before 10:00pm yet again. Now don't go thinking that I'm usually up until midnight on a regular and that's why pre-10:00pm is a problem for me. On the contrary I'm typically asleep no later than 10:30 on a normal work night. But being in bed and passed out at 9:30pm makes me feel a bit extra lame. Ha!
Really I just want to EAT!! I miss food! I just don't see how anyone gets used to NOT eating. Yea yea, I guess it's really all in my head and that is exactly what got my into this position with my poor physical condition and self-esteem. But dang it I Love Food........*Le Sigh* okay, this reboot is about breaking my addictions and dependencies. It's about changing the way I think about food. "Food is fuel for my body not my friend who comforts me." Umm, I'm not sure how well I believe this yet, because food is/can be very comforting and as a person who isn't very well understood by most of my peers food/books/movies have and will always "get" me. But I need to let go of my emotional dependency and grow up, right? Oh well, my husband has been fed. Off to bed I go to dream of delicious meals that I will create again when this journey  has come to its end.
Peace to ya'll (if anyone is out there ) Namaste

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reboot Day 3

Day 3 nearly finished....
Okay all so I've made it through Day 3 (pretty much), I did in fact have a light salad for lunch today in order to keep my brain functioning through work. But now I'm home and I've had to cook dinner for my husband and all I want to do is eat. So I may end up going to bed REALLY early. Which isn't really fair to my husband because we haven't seen each other all day and he isn't even home yet. But I don't know if I can make it with out binging if I stay up until my normal 10:00pm. I just keep telling myself to make it through each day, don't worry about how long this is supposed to be for, and that the foods I'm passing up aren't actually going anywhere. I can recreate (or order in the case of work provided lunches) anything at another time. I'm going to love myself more later if I can say NO now. Rather than hating myself instantly AND later if I cave in to the temptations floating around me. So, I'm going to take the advice of a sweet little fish and "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming"......But I'm struggling right now so I'm going to lay my head down until my husband comes home to keep myself out of trouble.
Peace to ya'll. Namaste

Monday, July 25, 2011

Reboot Day 2

Day 2......
I must admit SUCKED royally. See i wasn't able to sleep through my 2:00pm drag hour, I had to work. And I found my brain function was SO foggy. I figured out why Joe and Phil were able to go 60 Days, it's because they didn't have to work during that time. If it were up to me the first 7 days I would sleep mostly until my body finished detoxing. So in order to keep my job I'm going to have to amend my fast. I will be having veggies for lunch and juice for all other meals. I think this will make for a good compromise so that I can focus and work efficiently. I am disappointed that I'm having SO much trouble with just juicing. I think I'll keep trying to get through consecutive total juice days and hopefully be able to build up to my desired 15 days of total juicing.
On another note I received my Yoga home practice videos that I ordered in the mail on Sunday!! Oh happy day! So this morning I opened my mat again after a couples weeks of being unable to make it to class. Even my husband has started practicing with me it's pretty amazing considering he's made fun of yoga for years. I'm much more of a morning practice kind of girl, he wants to do all kinds of extra work after a full days work........NOT my idea of a great time. The evening always seems so noisy and busy to me. Even if there's no one around. The morning is when I'm at my best. *Shrug* that's why the videos are great, class can be whenever you want it to be.
Oh yea, I'm on the scale pretty much everyday just to remind myself of my goals, but I'll on post progress on here weekly.
Thank ya'll for reading (if there's anyone out there reading)
Peace to ya'll. Namaste

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 1 of My Reboot

Happy 1st day to me!!
Yes I know it's odd for anyone to be so excited about not eating food for the next 15 days. Think of it as me being excited about regaining control over my life/health. This is like rehab from food for me. A true reboot of my system including my mind. I know I said I was going to post photos and stats.........So I guess I must, no matter how embarrassing they will be for me. Here goes

Day1 - 232.8 lbs yes the date these were take reads 2010, but I've been hover over the same weight for little more than a year now. I figured why take new photos when there are still an accurate representation.

There I did it, now there's no going back. There's no fudging the numbers. This is one of the most intimate moments I've ever created in my life. My own husband doesn't know exactly how much I currently weigh. Pretty much only my doctor knows this.....that is until now.
So my first day has been only slightly difficult, mostly because I was able to nap through the tough spots of the day. My REAL challenge is going to be Day 3 when I'm knee-deep in work and wanting a to have a lunch with everyone else.
Peace to ya'll. Namaste

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Joining the Reboot

Hello all (if there is anyone out there)
I'm back and this time I'm on a mission that I think I want to share my experiences in detail over. I know I've said that before and then I allowed work, lack of finances for interesting experiences, lack of time for my practice, and various other bogus excuses to stop my progress. But I have a project that I MUST complete, for my own health as well as for my pride, before Thanksgiving Day of this year (2011). What, may you ask, lit the fire under me? Well, I am a complete documentary junky and one day I found myself scrolling through Netflix looking for something interesting. Then, in my New Movies queue appeared a film called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Mind you it was about 6:00 in the morning at the time. This movie was so intriguing that my sleepy bear of a husband actually woke up earlier than his norm to watch it with me as we got dressed for work. I watched 2 men turn their lives around in 60 days and I found myself inspired like never before. My interest has been peaked by weight loss programs before, but the way these men's lives were so greatly effected and the impact that they had on the lives of those around them really moved me. I encourage everyone, even if you don't have issues with your weight, to see this film.
I don't fore see myself Juice Fasting for an entire 60 days like the men in the film, but I do plan to Juice for 15 consecutive days and then consume an entirely plant-based diet until I have reached my goal of 165lbs. I had to order my juicer to be shipped to me because it seemed all brick and morter retail shops were completely sold out. Apparently, everyone in my city saw the film at the exact same time and everyone was moved to Reboot their lives at the same time LOL. But because my juicer will be here soon I have begun my week prior ramp up to my reboot. In my week prior ramp up I am to eliminate Meat (not hard for me), Caffeine (again not hard for me), refined sugar (a lit bit of a challenge for me), and processed Carbohydrates (VERY CHALLENGING FOR ME). I love breads, rice, pastas, crackers, cereals all of those other delicious comforting tummy filling no no's that so many people try to avoid. My problem is I have relied too much on these (whole grain or not) to "nourish" me. Mostly they just make me feel satisfied like nothing else can. That's not to say that I don't enjoy other foods, especially fruits and veggies. In fact I pretty much love all food (which is part of my problem). So as you can imagine not eating, only drinking fresh juices, for a whole 15 days is going to be a serious challenge for me.
But at this point in my life I feel like I HAVE to do this. I don't think I've ever felt like if I didn't lose this weight my life simply won't unfold the way that I need it to for optimal living. I am being realistic in my weight goals (I'm 5'6 1/2", of African decent, naturally curvey with dense muscle mass) 165lbs would make me happy, healthy, and confident in my own skin again. I am in day 4 of my ramp up week and now I have to officially let go of my processed carbs for at least the next 30 days (it will probably be more like 90 days though). Right now I'm fine with it.... but, uhh ask me again after a stressful day of work. On Sunday when I begin my Reboot officially I will post a "before" picture and my stats to make this official. That will mean that I have to follow through with the blogging of my success (or failure) and be held accountable for either. Oh yea, I also purchased some home yoga practice dvds to assist me in my journey to Zen. My having to work 40+ hours a week and take care of my family tends to infringe upon my desire to attend yoga class regularly. So I will be Juicing and opening my mat at home. I really feel as though this is what I've been waiting for; I've never been so excited about something that is going to be such a physical and mental challenge.
Thank you to anyone out there reading, and blessings to everyone (reading or not). Peace

Friday, April 8, 2011

Working It Out With Words

I know that I'm still very sporadic with my postings. To be honest it's mostly because for some reason if I don't get a post completed before everyone is home then it simple isn't allowed to happen, go figure. I think I need to write more though. I have this urge to speak, I feel as though there's something deep inside of me that has been struggling to be expressed for so long. If anyone is actually reading this then you may very well remember that I took a job with a company that I have been attempting to become part of for years. I am not unhappy with the job, per say, I'm more so dissatisfied with the fact that I STILL can't seem to imagine how exactly I want to earn my living. Because I have come to terms with the fact that it is not in the cards for me to be a homemaker and care for the people I love as my job. I still don't truly feel connected to any particular skill enough to devise a dream and pursue it.
My husband well he's thought out what he enjoys, what he's good at, and what makes money. His plans are impressive, achievable, and I fully believe that he will succeed beyond his current expectations. Mostly because I plan to support him however necessary so that he does. But to be honest I'm slightly envious that he has definitive goals and a plan to achieve them. 
What I do know about myself is that I am not supposed to be working a conventional job. If I could just move past the dissatisfaction I constantly seem to be experiencing in my life then I know I'll see what my work is meant to be. I feel settled when I'm learning. I do not enjoy confrontation or aggressive interactions. Don't get me wrong, as an adult I do not shy away from standing up for myself or what I believe in, but I prefer to be around like minded people with gentle approaches to personal interactions. I do not seek a fiery encounter the way many people (especially women of my background) do. I want to feel free in my work, I no longer want to feel as though my family is a hindrance to my work or my work a hindrance to my family. I want the drama of living and earning a living to be lessened, so much so that I actually feel contempt along with success.But HOW?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello out there,
I hope the past few weeks have been lovely to you. For me they've been up and down. We're still waiting on that new permanent job to come through for my if anyone is in need of a Marketing Analyst or a Channel Marketing Specialist, or anyone who has Marketing/Advertisement experience please feel free to leave me a message and I will gladly connect him with you.
On another note: I have been happier than a hog in mud with my experience at Sacred Streams. I think literally the only thing I wish was different is that my own schedule (work & personal) corresponded with their class schedules better so that I could get into a class at least once everyday. But Mondays and Fridays are really hard to do that since they have very few classes available on those days. Sundays are difficult for me because I don't have anyone to watch my Munchkin because the Hubby is at work on Sundays. Whomp Whomp for working on Sundays (it should be illegal to Have to work on your day of worship) But this week I'll be taking 2 classes Tuesday and either 2 or 3 on Wednesday and maybe a class on Sunday evening. I have to thoroughly plan the family dinners during the week in order to make the Tuesday and Wednesday evening classes possible. P.S. I think I need to ween my family from being so dependent upon me to do EVERYTHING in the house....Especially if I have to keep working full time outside the home. I've managed to budget continuing to pay for my classes by eliminating all of my personal expenses outside of gas for my car. So no eating out for lunch at work, no random unplanned purchases (shoes, clothes, etc) But the trade off is worth it for me right now. I need this in my life. Sometimes I wonder if my situation is unique or if others are in the same boat that I am in: trying not to struggle financially, trying to lose weight, trying to care for their family, trying to maintain a healthy marriage, and working outside the home to keep a home? But honestly, I'm sure my story isn't unique it's just often times I feel alone in the struggle to keep it all going.
Inhale........Exhale....... Okay all is right in the world once again. Life has great potential and purpose. Namaste

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too Much Bad News

So I'm just as optimistic as the next person,
I'm a firm believe that The Most High wants what's best for all of us and if we just adhere to His will and His plan then we shall receive greatness. Now that's not to say that we will never encounter hard times, quite the opposite actually. The more you do right the more the enemy will try to tear you down and have you doubt His will and travel along the wrong path. So I do my best to let go and let The Divine take the wheel to my life. But as a mere mortal there's only so much bad news one person can handle at a stage in life. My poor husband just keeps getting No after No after NO from each of these seemingly promising interviews he's been going on. There's really only been one interview that he's had where I felt something good was supposed to come out of it and then eh ended up not being selected. All of the others have just sort of been a going through motions sort of thing. But to be honest, it seems as though the one interview that I honestly thought something would develop has poked its head out at us once again. They've called about a different role that they felt my husband might be a nice fit for. I just don't know how to keep my husband encouraged and in a positive head space. He's on the verge of giving up emotionally and our family  CANNOT handle that EVER AGAIN. It will the demise of entire life as a functioning unit and we literally just got ourselves back on track as a family. Either our Divine no longer wants us together or He is really wanting to test our endurance. All I can say is at this point I'm honestly not certain how much more I can take. It's been literally YEARS that I've been working on keeping this family together,  most of those years I worked on it all alone, and now that my counterpart is putting in work with me it's just as hard as it was when I was working alone at it *Le sigh*
Okay pity party over,
I know in my heart that we have not been forsaken and our lives are meant to be comfortable and that the comfort is coming around the corner very very very soon. My husband will have a job that ignites a career he will love, with a company he believes in, with co-workers he connects with, a schedule that fits our lifestyle wonderfully, with pay that is AT LEAST 2.5 times what his temp job is currently paying him, and he will be signing his paperwork for this position within the next 30 days. Thank you Almighty!
And thank you all for let my release and claim our greatness on here. Namaste

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loving Life.....But ready for the better to come

Just giving a check-in,
I'm loving getting to touch my feet and hands to my mat 3-4 times a week again, I think I've already found one of my favorite instructors. But I can't really say just yet because I've only encountered 4 different instructors so far and there are literally something like a dozen who work there :-) But of the 4 there are 2 that I absolutely love. The other 2 are still great as well, as with anything, each person connects differently to different people. Hence why there are so many instructors with different styles. Now I've really begun to get into a groove physically with my practice again and I haven't been happier in what seems like years. Now as my body begins to awaken and my spirit begins to stretch my eating habits are having to be adjusted. Fortunately when I touch my mat I'm on a yoga high for the rest of the day and actually WANT to eat better (and eat less). You see in general, I don't really eat poorly I tend to eat too much. When practicing yoga you want to feel light and free not heavy and overly  full. So as I reconnect with my "Zen" I am rescaling my "Tasting" *shrug* maybe I'll start posting my meals for everyone to see how my meals become more practice friendly.
On a side note, for those of you who believe in a higher power our family could really use some prayer. We know that The Most High has better in store for us, we just are really in need of it to come to fruition now. My husband was laid off from a major corporation this time last year and has yet to find a permanent job. For the past few months he's been working in a temporary position that does not pay quite enough for us to cover all of our family's positions even with me working full-time at a job that pays better than any job I've ever held. I know in my heart of hearts that the hubby's job is peeking right around the corner and that in the next couple of weeks he will be suiting up to take part in his new and loved career. I thank you in advance for asking your Divine to move us along into our better life.
Peace and Love,

Friday, January 21, 2011

More Difficult Than Expected

Good Morning,
Getting back into the groove of regular yoga classes has been more of a challenge than I expected. My very first class I was up at 5:15 out the door at 5:40 for a 6:00am sunrise class. BUT, the instructor for that morning has some complications and did not arrive. I was a bit sad about but the owner of the studio and the instructor of the class both called me to apologize for the mishap and I felt that this was genuinely a fluke and that they truly wanted to make it up to me. So instead I went to an evening class for my first official session the class was called Yin-Yoga. I really enjoyed the energy of the instructor. She was very serene yet humorous and in tune with the personal physical concerns each of us were having that night with ourselves. She provided the most amazing personal touch adjustments and alignments to our poses. I LOVED HER! The next morning I ventured out for another 6:00am sunrise Vinyasa, and boy oh boy was it worth it!!! I got a good great sweat going and this instructor provided a couple of nice physical adjustments as well, I'm really loving the smaller classes that allow for the more personal instruction because my body remembers better what it is supposed to be doing when it's gently guided into proper position, rather than sometimes in being given verbal cues. I can work from verbal cues, but the physical adjustments are my favorite. This week my work schedule and family schedule haven't been exactly what I've need to get in all the classes I would like....but such is life LOL I am determined to place my body on my mat in a class at least 3 times a week. I would be infinitely happy if I could manage 5 times a week, but I am more than sure that will happen on rare occasions. Either way I am so ecstatic to be back on my mat. Hmm maybe one day I'll venture into a teaching phase and further my practice to share with others. But until then I shall enjoy learning AND rebuilding my body. Till next time.......Namaste

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sacred Streams

Well all, I think I'm in love. I has my introduction personal session this morning and enjoyed myself SO MUCH. There was all the personalized attention, adjustments, and guidance that I've been craving for months. I'm still concerned about how I'm going to afford the classes after this first month....but I know HE will make a way for me to make it happen. Because I need this in my life. I need the physical and spiritual growth and healing that yoga gives to me.
Oh yea,
I'm pretty sure I'm being given a promotion at work!!! I'm not sure how much of a pay increase it will be, but watch it turns out to be enough to cover my yoga practice. AND my husband keeps getting calls for interviews now, so it's just a matter of time before one of these companies falls in love with him (like I have) and hires him.......A way shall always be made for the believers. :-)

Ok, I haven't decided if I will go to class tomorrow afternoon, but I KNOW I will be there Friday morning before work. So excited to be practicing with an instructor again!! Now it's time for me to begin breaking out my cookbooks again. I need to go back to weekly menu planning and prepping my ingredients so I that can move back to a predominately plant-based whole foods diet. Eating in a zen-like manner tends to fall into place when I'm living and practicing a zen-like life. Life is Beautiful. Peace be with you all.  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Starting my sessions Next week!!

Hey there,
So I received my phone call from the Yoga studio that I will be trying out as a new student. I go in for my personal session and "orientation" on Wednesday. I'll let you all know how it goes. Soooo, to prep myself mentally and physically I will be doing a cleanse. I'm starting my cleanse tomorrow (which is Saturday here) because I am off of work this weekend and the 1st two days of the cleanse are pretty intense. I am so excited to get my practice up off the ground and really guided by a practicing professional. The only thing that I am concerned about is being able to afford the class fees after my trail month is over. Right now, because my husband is still looking for permanent work (stupid corporate lay-offs suck) we are on a tight budget and $100 a month is way beyond my financial abilities. I pray that the Most High blesses us with this job that he interviewed for a couple of weeks ago. It would mean a lot to the whole family in many different ways (not just for me to be able to afford yoga) *shrug* Oh well worst case scenario I just go maybe once a week on a less expensive pass and practice at home in between classes. At least then I'll be guided weekly and encouraged. It will all work out, I know HE has a plan to make us better than what we are right now and I'm in a good place to be molded.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

In the spirit of bringing in new Blessings, new Opportunities, and a chance to make anything better  than it was the previous  year. I have started today in full positivity mode. I am speaking greatness into my family's lives for the entire year of 2011 from 1-1-11 through 12-31-11 and I fully intend to report every glorious milestone right here as we hit them.

For starters I've been learning a great deal about  transitioning  into a more vegetarian diet. And the link on the title of this post will lead you to a couple from Canada that are plant-based eaters who are very active/athletic. I recommend checking them out, if nothing else they have an interesting podcast.

Now, I haven't heard from the yoga studio yet that I linked you guys to in my last post. But I'm hoping that it's just because of the holidays and that I hear from them this week to schedule my first class visit and check them out. I will definitely share how my experience with them turns out.

Maybe if anyone is out there you can share with me what you plan to accomplish in 2011. We can help keep each other going. HAPPY NEW YEAR/PROSPERO ANO!!!