Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reboot Day 3

Day 3 nearly finished....
Okay all so I've made it through Day 3 (pretty much), I did in fact have a light salad for lunch today in order to keep my brain functioning through work. But now I'm home and I've had to cook dinner for my husband and all I want to do is eat. So I may end up going to bed REALLY early. Which isn't really fair to my husband because we haven't seen each other all day and he isn't even home yet. But I don't know if I can make it with out binging if I stay up until my normal 10:00pm. I just keep telling myself to make it through each day, don't worry about how long this is supposed to be for, and that the foods I'm passing up aren't actually going anywhere. I can recreate (or order in the case of work provided lunches) anything at another time. I'm going to love myself more later if I can say NO now. Rather than hating myself instantly AND later if I cave in to the temptations floating around me. So, I'm going to take the advice of a sweet little fish and "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming"......But I'm struggling right now so I'm going to lay my head down until my husband comes home to keep myself out of trouble.
Peace to ya'll. Namaste
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