Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 1 of My Reboot

Happy 1st day to me!!
Yes I know it's odd for anyone to be so excited about not eating food for the next 15 days. Think of it as me being excited about regaining control over my life/health. This is like rehab from food for me. A true reboot of my system including my mind. I know I said I was going to post photos and stats.........So I guess I must, no matter how embarrassing they will be for me. Here goes

Day1 - 232.8 lbs yes the date these were take reads 2010, but I've been hover over the same weight for little more than a year now. I figured why take new photos when there are still an accurate representation.

There I did it, now there's no going back. There's no fudging the numbers. This is one of the most intimate moments I've ever created in my life. My own husband doesn't know exactly how much I currently weigh. Pretty much only my doctor knows this.....that is until now.
So my first day has been only slightly difficult, mostly because I was able to nap through the tough spots of the day. My REAL challenge is going to be Day 3 when I'm knee-deep in work and wanting a to have a lunch with everyone else.
Peace to ya'll. Namaste
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