Monday, July 25, 2011

Reboot Day 2

Day 2......
I must admit SUCKED royally. See i wasn't able to sleep through my 2:00pm drag hour, I had to work. And I found my brain function was SO foggy. I figured out why Joe and Phil were able to go 60 Days, it's because they didn't have to work during that time. If it were up to me the first 7 days I would sleep mostly until my body finished detoxing. So in order to keep my job I'm going to have to amend my fast. I will be having veggies for lunch and juice for all other meals. I think this will make for a good compromise so that I can focus and work efficiently. I am disappointed that I'm having SO much trouble with just juicing. I think I'll keep trying to get through consecutive total juice days and hopefully be able to build up to my desired 15 days of total juicing.
On another note I received my Yoga home practice videos that I ordered in the mail on Sunday!! Oh happy day! So this morning I opened my mat again after a couples weeks of being unable to make it to class. Even my husband has started practicing with me it's pretty amazing considering he's made fun of yoga for years. I'm much more of a morning practice kind of girl, he wants to do all kinds of extra work after a full days work........NOT my idea of a great time. The evening always seems so noisy and busy to me. Even if there's no one around. The morning is when I'm at my best. *Shrug* that's why the videos are great, class can be whenever you want it to be.
Oh yea, I'm on the scale pretty much everyday just to remind myself of my goals, but I'll on post progress on here weekly.
Thank ya'll for reading (if there's anyone out there reading)
Peace to ya'll. Namaste
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