Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Joining the Reboot

Hello all (if there is anyone out there)
I'm back and this time I'm on a mission that I think I want to share my experiences in detail over. I know I've said that before and then I allowed work, lack of finances for interesting experiences, lack of time for my practice, and various other bogus excuses to stop my progress. But I have a project that I MUST complete, for my own health as well as for my pride, before Thanksgiving Day of this year (2011). What, may you ask, lit the fire under me? Well, I am a complete documentary junky and one day I found myself scrolling through Netflix looking for something interesting. Then, in my New Movies queue appeared a film called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Mind you it was about 6:00 in the morning at the time. This movie was so intriguing that my sleepy bear of a husband actually woke up earlier than his norm to watch it with me as we got dressed for work. I watched 2 men turn their lives around in 60 days and I found myself inspired like never before. My interest has been peaked by weight loss programs before, but the way these men's lives were so greatly effected and the impact that they had on the lives of those around them really moved me. I encourage everyone, even if you don't have issues with your weight, to see this film.
I don't fore see myself Juice Fasting for an entire 60 days like the men in the film, but I do plan to Juice for 15 consecutive days and then consume an entirely plant-based diet until I have reached my goal of 165lbs. I had to order my juicer to be shipped to me because it seemed all brick and morter retail shops were completely sold out. Apparently, everyone in my city saw the film at the exact same time and everyone was moved to Reboot their lives at the same time LOL. But because my juicer will be here soon I have begun my week prior ramp up to my reboot. In my week prior ramp up I am to eliminate Meat (not hard for me), Caffeine (again not hard for me), refined sugar (a lit bit of a challenge for me), and processed Carbohydrates (VERY CHALLENGING FOR ME). I love breads, rice, pastas, crackers, cereals all of those other delicious comforting tummy filling no no's that so many people try to avoid. My problem is I have relied too much on these (whole grain or not) to "nourish" me. Mostly they just make me feel satisfied like nothing else can. That's not to say that I don't enjoy other foods, especially fruits and veggies. In fact I pretty much love all food (which is part of my problem). So as you can imagine not eating, only drinking fresh juices, for a whole 15 days is going to be a serious challenge for me.
But at this point in my life I feel like I HAVE to do this. I don't think I've ever felt like if I didn't lose this weight my life simply won't unfold the way that I need it to for optimal living. I am being realistic in my weight goals (I'm 5'6 1/2", of African decent, naturally curvey with dense muscle mass) 165lbs would make me happy, healthy, and confident in my own skin again. I am in day 4 of my ramp up week and now I have to officially let go of my processed carbs for at least the next 30 days (it will probably be more like 90 days though). Right now I'm fine with it.... but, uhh ask me again after a stressful day of work. On Sunday when I begin my Reboot officially I will post a "before" picture and my stats to make this official. That will mean that I have to follow through with the blogging of my success (or failure) and be held accountable for either. Oh yea, I also purchased some home yoga practice dvds to assist me in my journey to Zen. My having to work 40+ hours a week and take care of my family tends to infringe upon my desire to attend yoga class regularly. So I will be Juicing and opening my mat at home. I really feel as though this is what I've been waiting for; I've never been so excited about something that is going to be such a physical and mental challenge.
Thank you to anyone out there reading, and blessings to everyone (reading or not). Peace
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