Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello all,
So I've passed the halfway mark in this challenge and all I can say is my cravings are driving me nuts. I know it's all in my head and I just have to push past it. I think it might just be because I haven't been feeling very well (my asthma has been bothering me and my job is stressing me) and all I want is something savory and warm and comforting. BUT that's what got my into this mess in the first place right? Comfort eating is NOT my friend!! It's not your friend either people, we have to take care of the problem at hand not feed it into silence. Right? I've been wanting everything from every culture's cuisine but I was good and I ate my veggies for lunch and mixed my shake for dinner. I even happily drank my shake for breakfast while sitting in a staff meeting full of doughnuts and kolaches!! I'm actually very proud of myself for that, but I'm still "achin for some bacon" hehe. Just four more days and then I'll back down to one meal replaced a day which will be much simpler. But I think maybe every other week I'll do my first two meals replaced, that feels reasonable to me. I'm really pretty sure I can do that successfully. Okay, back to my evening shake and my night of tv snuggling with the family.
Peace and Love, Namaste Ya'll

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halfway through 10 day challenge

Okay as promised I'm giving an update on my 10-day 10-lbs Challenge with my NutriVeda Achieve. I have successfully and fairly effortlessly managed to lose 7 lbs so far. I have only a few more days with using the shakes to replace 2 of my day's meals. I have a wedding and an annual friendship dinner this weekend and I'm not dreading going to either because of my "diet" I'll just replace breakfast and lunch with my shakes and eat dinner on both days during the celebrations with my friends. No one has to know unless I choose to share with them what I'm doing. And at this point I'm really willing to share what I'm doing. I don't feel like having to be hush hush about this "just in case I fail". I honestly feel like this is going to be something I can maintain. There's not calories counting, no killing myself in the gym (though I am still getting my workouts in), no starving myself, none of the things that have always created barriers to my success because they failed to match up with my lifestyle. I'm feeling successful and that's not a feeling I've had in this realm of my life for awhile. Oh and I've discovered that the "waxy heavy plant taste" that I mentioned in my previous post was the result of the brand of Rice Milk that I was using. I drank some on its own and found the milk tasted "waxy". Oh and I just made myself a shake this evening that tastes like liquid Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!!! And it is what I needed tonight after such a long day.
So the goal is to keep going strong with at least one meal replaced everyday after the 10 day challenge and drop at total of 40 lbs by my wedding anniversary. I have a feeling I can do it, if not I can do better. Woo go me!!
Peace and Love. Namaste Ya'll

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hello world,
Life this past summer has been obnoxiously jam  packed with work. The honeymoon period ended about 6 months ago and now I'm over how much energy is sucked from me each day at this place. I still believe in the mission, but I have lost quite a bit of my patience for servicing the public. Because you know what, people in this country have terrible attitudes because somewhere down the road in our lives we've been told that we're entitled to any and everything without giving anything in return. "We want free healthcare.....but we don't want to pay taxes for it" "We want to be serviced RIGHT NOW and we don't care who was here and needing to be taken care of before us" "We want You to do all the leg work for us....because it's too time consuming to do my own work and research" BLAH. Needless to say I'm over this. I don't mind teaching those willing to learn and servicing those who understand that the sun does not rise ans set on them alone. I do however mind everyone else right now, and this is not my normal disposition on life or towards people. This tells me that I need to place myself in to something new to regain my love of others. And so the hunt begins

On another note, I learned (very quickly) that the all juice fast is not...I repeat IS NOT... a functioning cleanse. You cannot expect to work full time, take care of your family, and adequately take care of yourself while on such a cleanse. One would need at least a full week to isolate themselves and allow their body a change to detox and adjust. This was something I did not have the opportunity to do, unfortunately working for me right now is mandatory not optional. But I have found a plant based NON-synthetic product that I am finding amazing. The product is called Nutriveda Achieve and it's a meal replacement shake mix that you can add fruit and/or veggies to. It is actually filling so I'm not wanting to pass out 30 minutes later from hunger while I'm at work. It honestly holds my for 3 hours minimum, and I know it's because I can add actual food to it, not just the juices of the foods. This is only my 3rd day in the 10lbs in 10 Days challenge and I've already dropped 5lbs. I've been eating lunch at work and having a shake for breakfast and dinner. But I think I might switch to eating dinner and having the shakes for breakfast and lunch instead because I enjoy sitting at the table and eating with my family more so than eating with my co-workers (or alone depending on the day). I will say that this product seems to make my thirsty but this very well maybe me simply realizing how I've neglected my water intake. So I've tried the French Vanilla flavor (there's also a Dutch Chocolate) and I'll be honest, if you're not careful on what you choose to mix with the flavor is a bit difficult to deal with. I think it has an odd waxy heavy plant aftertaste. BUT when mixed well with good ingredients it's very tasty, even my 7 yr old was impressed with the banana, peanut butter, almond milk blend. And I know there are some of you who will say well how is this any different from Slim Fast or any other meal replacement drink? I feel the difference is how the products are made, what they are made from, and who is willing to put their name on these products. Is some celebrity who has no degree, a team of personal trainers, and personal chefs endorsing it? Or is there a world renowned highly respect integrative medicine physician willing to put his name on the product? Would you trust the product to adequately nourish your picky eater child because you know what's in it is wholesome, nutritious, complex, and complete? My body is tired of being deprived and abused. I've decided to take care of myself from the inside out and fully intend to live beautifully.

Oh yea, in my absence I've started training for a 5k and will be running the Relay for Life on Nov 13 this year. I'll keep you all posted on my progress and my yoga mat has been opened at least 3 times a week lately. I'm aiming to increase it to a full 7 days a week soon, for the next 4 weeks I'll be adding an additional day to my routine. At the end of my 10-day challenge I'll let you guys know how much I've lost.
Peace and Love. Namaste Ya'll