Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halfway through 10 day challenge

Okay as promised I'm giving an update on my 10-day 10-lbs Challenge with my NutriVeda Achieve. I have successfully and fairly effortlessly managed to lose 7 lbs so far. I have only a few more days with using the shakes to replace 2 of my day's meals. I have a wedding and an annual friendship dinner this weekend and I'm not dreading going to either because of my "diet" I'll just replace breakfast and lunch with my shakes and eat dinner on both days during the celebrations with my friends. No one has to know unless I choose to share with them what I'm doing. And at this point I'm really willing to share what I'm doing. I don't feel like having to be hush hush about this "just in case I fail". I honestly feel like this is going to be something I can maintain. There's not calories counting, no killing myself in the gym (though I am still getting my workouts in), no starving myself, none of the things that have always created barriers to my success because they failed to match up with my lifestyle. I'm feeling successful and that's not a feeling I've had in this realm of my life for awhile. Oh and I've discovered that the "waxy heavy plant taste" that I mentioned in my previous post was the result of the brand of Rice Milk that I was using. I drank some on its own and found the milk tasted "waxy". Oh and I just made myself a shake this evening that tastes like liquid Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!!! And it is what I needed tonight after such a long day.
So the goal is to keep going strong with at least one meal replaced everyday after the 10 day challenge and drop at total of 40 lbs by my wedding anniversary. I have a feeling I can do it, if not I can do better. Woo go me!!
Peace and Love. Namaste Ya'll
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