Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello all,
So I've passed the halfway mark in this challenge and all I can say is my cravings are driving me nuts. I know it's all in my head and I just have to push past it. I think it might just be because I haven't been feeling very well (my asthma has been bothering me and my job is stressing me) and all I want is something savory and warm and comforting. BUT that's what got my into this mess in the first place right? Comfort eating is NOT my friend!! It's not your friend either people, we have to take care of the problem at hand not feed it into silence. Right? I've been wanting everything from every culture's cuisine but I was good and I ate my veggies for lunch and mixed my shake for dinner. I even happily drank my shake for breakfast while sitting in a staff meeting full of doughnuts and kolaches!! I'm actually very proud of myself for that, but I'm still "achin for some bacon" hehe. Just four more days and then I'll back down to one meal replaced a day which will be much simpler. But I think maybe every other week I'll do my first two meals replaced, that feels reasonable to me. I'm really pretty sure I can do that successfully. Okay, back to my evening shake and my night of tv snuggling with the family.
Peace and Love, Namaste Ya'll
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