Friday, January 7, 2011

Starting my sessions Next week!!

Hey there,
So I received my phone call from the Yoga studio that I will be trying out as a new student. I go in for my personal session and "orientation" on Wednesday. I'll let you all know how it goes. Soooo, to prep myself mentally and physically I will be doing a cleanse. I'm starting my cleanse tomorrow (which is Saturday here) because I am off of work this weekend and the 1st two days of the cleanse are pretty intense. I am so excited to get my practice up off the ground and really guided by a practicing professional. The only thing that I am concerned about is being able to afford the class fees after my trail month is over. Right now, because my husband is still looking for permanent work (stupid corporate lay-offs suck) we are on a tight budget and $100 a month is way beyond my financial abilities. I pray that the Most High blesses us with this job that he interviewed for a couple of weeks ago. It would mean a lot to the whole family in many different ways (not just for me to be able to afford yoga) *shrug* Oh well worst case scenario I just go maybe once a week on a less expensive pass and practice at home in between classes. At least then I'll be guided weekly and encouraged. It will all work out, I know HE has a plan to make us better than what we are right now and I'm in a good place to be molded.
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