Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loving Life.....But ready for the better to come

Just giving a check-in,
I'm loving getting to touch my feet and hands to my mat 3-4 times a week again, I think I've already found one of my favorite instructors. But I can't really say just yet because I've only encountered 4 different instructors so far and there are literally something like a dozen who work there :-) But of the 4 there are 2 that I absolutely love. The other 2 are still great as well, as with anything, each person connects differently to different people. Hence why there are so many instructors with different styles. Now I've really begun to get into a groove physically with my practice again and I haven't been happier in what seems like years. Now as my body begins to awaken and my spirit begins to stretch my eating habits are having to be adjusted. Fortunately when I touch my mat I'm on a yoga high for the rest of the day and actually WANT to eat better (and eat less). You see in general, I don't really eat poorly I tend to eat too much. When practicing yoga you want to feel light and free not heavy and overly  full. So as I reconnect with my "Zen" I am rescaling my "Tasting" *shrug* maybe I'll start posting my meals for everyone to see how my meals become more practice friendly.
On a side note, for those of you who believe in a higher power our family could really use some prayer. We know that The Most High has better in store for us, we just are really in need of it to come to fruition now. My husband was laid off from a major corporation this time last year and has yet to find a permanent job. For the past few months he's been working in a temporary position that does not pay quite enough for us to cover all of our family's positions even with me working full-time at a job that pays better than any job I've ever held. I know in my heart of hearts that the hubby's job is peeking right around the corner and that in the next couple of weeks he will be suiting up to take part in his new and loved career. I thank you in advance for asking your Divine to move us along into our better life.
Peace and Love,
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