Monday, December 26, 2011

Be Kind... Please Rewind

Do you ever feel like if you could go back in time you would make your life so much simpler and enjoyable than it currently is? I'm not even talking about playing Lotto numbers or investing in future stock. I mean just those seemingly simple life decisions that ultimately change your entire world down to every last detail in your life. Some days just the slightest upset can make you wish that you had made different choices in life. But I guess if it were simple enough to just have "do overs" then Life wouldn't be called Life, it would be called Backsies or just plain old Easy. I just have to remind myself that nothing is a "mistake" unless you fail to learn from it. As long as you learn from your actions they're just lessons. Hmm, but how do you get those closet to your life to understand this concept too? Unfortunately, if you cut out everyone who fails to work on "that one part of themselves" well life would end up pretty lonely. The simple fact that none of us is perfect should be enough to continue to grant passes to one another for those little annoyances. But the fact that none of us is perfect is one of the very reasons that sometimes we have a hard time continuously over looking the same offenses. Vicious cycles tend to end viciously. SIGH....guess I'll continue to be the "bigger person" and go back to making things right, yet again. Or maybe I'll just keep quiet until the error is acknowledged on its own. Haven't decided which runner in the circle I want to be this time. Oh well, God please guide my hand.
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