Saturday, February 4, 2012

Seems As Though This Is Turning Into a Fail Blog

Okay, so over time I have placed idea, plan, and mission on here to get my life together. Which apparently makes me just like every other person in this country. And to be honest I'm sick of myself. I've found that I am amazingly bored with my life right now. My mother says it's called "Being Settled" and that many people confuse it for boredom. Whatever it is, it's not what I would call fun. So I have constructed some challenges to complete in my life. At work I started a "Paid Loser Challenge" those of us participating put $20 into a communal pot and did an initial weigh-in. We weigh-in every 2 weeks and any person to gain a full pound or more must place $5 in the pot, if you plateau and stay the same you must place $1 in the pot, if you lose weight then you owe nothing. This is to keep us motivated and pushing through the lazy periods. It's helped each of us so far. The challenge is 5 months long, we all felt this was a realistic time frame to really achieve some desired results. It has been 4 weeks into the challenge and I have not had to owe any money yet! Which is pretty awesome for me, because usually before week two I'm toast and hating myself.
So now all I need is a consistent workout regimen, I've gotten my eating habits under control and finally have the support of my husband due to his health concerns. So now I'm  ready to add a workout routine to my everyday life. Now I believe I am ready to follow through with a self inflicted 21-Day Yoga Challenge. I've heard it takes 20 days to form a habit so at day 21 I figure I will have my body craving the softness of my mat on the bottom of my feet. I think even if I'm only on my mat for 30 minutes it will be better than not doing anything at all. I don't really want to substitute yoga for anything else. Yoga is what I love and what I want to become really good at, and I think I really can if I can remember to just suck it up now so that I won't have to suck it in forever.

I know I've given myself a yoga challenge before and announced it on here, and at that time in my life I was transitioning from some very traumatizing situations that yoga helped me through but I just didn't have the time to myself, the space, or the resources to continue with my challenge and it ended up falling by the waist-side. So here are my guidelines for myself:
I must complete a series of yoga poses at least once a day.
The time on my mat must add up to at least 30 minutes a day in order to qualify
The time does not have to completed all at once, I may break it up into segments if needed due to time constraints.
The Challenge will begin February 9th and end February 29th
Of course there will be an end to the actual challenge, but the goal is to have created a habit that I don't ever end. I have to believe in myself  and love myself enough to go through  with this. I have to find a way to walk the path that is meant for me into the life that will make me shine. I have found some inspirations for my aspirations and now must begin the perspiration (hehe). Okay, but seriously, I'm kind of excited about this though I do wish I had someone to walk on this journey with me. But I guess this is probably something I need to do on my own. No one can turn me into a yogini without me putting in the work, but I can become a yogini without someone there constantly. Okay enough talk, I'll be back tomorrow to discuss my prep techniques, maybe one day someone will care.
Namaste Ya'll
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