Monday, February 6, 2012

Side tracked by the Super Bowl

I was supposed to come back yesterday with my preparation plans, but allowed myself to get side tracked by the Super Bowl and getting my home ready for visitors. So in preparing for my 21-Day Yoga Challenge I plan implement a few things to make this journey fluid and simple:
1. Eat lighter, when I don't feel heavy or stuffed to the gills I am much more likely to move my body more.
2. Prepare my yoga dvd at night so that I can practice in the morning more readily. (Push play and go)
3. Use my time on the mat to speak to The Most High, I typically spend time speaking to God as I prepare for bed but if I add an additional time to focus more on hearing Him I feel I can serve Him better.
4. Don't be so ridged in my mat time schedule. (my work/life schedule changes daily, I need to allow my mat time to be flexible and adjust accordingly)
5. Have sex with my husband more often...when we spend more physical time together it's like a battery charge for me and the following day is that much easier to get through.
6. Remind myself that I WANT to do this, even though I may be sleepy or grumpy or angry or sad or lonely or feeling just plain old lazy...I actually WANT to do this. I WANT to be a person who practices daily. I WANT to feel free within my own body. I WANT to be able to say that I have an actual practice.

I just have to remind myself that not completing this Challenge will leave me feeling incomplete. I want to do this, I want to succeed in this mission. I want to come out on the other side transformed. I want yoga to become a permanent part of my daily living. It shall come to fruition
Namaste Ya'll
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