Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yoga Challenge Day 1 of 21

Hey ya'll, so I officially began my yoga challenge this morning. I pulled myself from my warm snuggly bed into the crisp chilly air of the 5:00am morning, played my dvd and worked my way through a 60 minute video. For the first 20 minutes I was not excited about being up and moving about. all I wanted to do was crawl back into the bed and curl up under my hubby. It didn't even matter to me if I fell back asleep I just wanted to lay back down. But I stuck it out, I warmed my body up through the flowing movements of the vinyasas. By the end of the video I still wanted to lay back down but my mind was on auto-pilot; you know "I'm already up may a well..." Plus I had to get ready for work and take the kiddo to school so laying back down wasn't really an option. To top it off I had a LONG day at work today. 10.5 hrs with only a 15 minute break rather than an actual lunch. *sigh*
s/n I need to hurry up and begin my graduate program so I can hurry up and graduate and begin my new career, this is for the birds!
 But on another note, I feel determined to complete this challenge. My preparations for success in this are helping. Eating lighter definitely makes it easier to feel like moving the next morning. Plus getting up at 5am means I don't even have to fuss with the dog until I'm finished because she's basically still asleep until 6am. Let's see how still feel about this at day 14. I'll probably be crossing the "annoyed threshold" and tip-toeing in to the realm of habit. Well, only time will tell. No matter how I feel about it at any stage, the whole point is to push through and not give up for once.
Thank you all, who ever you may be.
Namaste Ya'll
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