Friday, February 10, 2012

Yoga Challenge Day 2 of 21

Hey ya'll
So today I completed 60 minutes of mat time at 5:00am for my second day of my Yoga Challenge. I'm proud of myself for rolling out of the bed, but goodness am I SLEEPY. I did have a little issue this evening with my eating. When I'm tired and struggling to keep going I have a tendency to eat to keep myself alter. (Bad habit I know, I'm trying to break it) But I got out voted on dinner tonight and we ended up at Rudy's BBQ *smh* like a good (or bad) TX girl I have a real weak spot for brisket. So as you can imagine I overindulged a little. But I have been good pretty much all week and I've gotten an hour of exercise a total of 4 days this week. So I think I should be okay as long as I keep it together this weekend. Just consider this evening's dinner as my one cheat day today. Just keep swimming, right?
 I'm at a place in my dvd where I know what's next and can now focus on matching my breath up with my  movement rather than trying to pay attention to what the next pose is. I've been thinking, since Lent is coming up very soon I'm in need of a fast to take part in to serve The Creator. Since I've already cut out most junk food and don't each much red meat I need something that will really resonate with me. I've been considering either mixing smoothies twice a day or juicing again. I know, I know, the first time I tried the juice cleanse I was kind of...well...miserable. But sometimes it just takes trying something a couple times before getting the hang of it. I honestly wish I had the ability to take a month to myself with no other responsibilities where I could just focus on cleansing and yoga. But since that isn't feasible at this point in my life I will figure out a way to incorporate this into my current lifestyle somehow. I'm sure I can figure it out this time, mostly because I really need to. Not so much for my physical health but for my mental health. I'm in desperate need of feeling good about myself again. I still have 12 days to decide what my fast will be this year. Hmm, I could use a new blender either way. Why pass up a reason to go shopping? LOL
If there's anyone out there, thanks for reading
Namaste Ya'll     
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