Thursday, May 31, 2012

Setting Goals, Classes & New Jobs?

Hey Ya'll,
Okay so after all of my whining I put my big girl panties on and refocused. I have reorganized a new health challenge at work. I failed to reach any of my goals on the first challenge and found myself feeling like a failure. What I learned is that I was focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time. I needed to reconnect with myself as a person and really understand what I wanted and devise a plan to obtain my desires. I also realized I was exhausted and needed something to be relinquished. Which brings me to my Summer time endeavors. My child will be gone for the Summer visiting her grandparents which really allows me the chance to focus on myself. I definitely need to be able to do exactly that for a few months and develop some really beneficial habits. In addition to having the time to to dedicate to my body I will also have the time to dedicate to my mind. Classes at IIN will begin for me in July and I hope to be able to document my experience here with ya'll as I complete the program over the next year. I am looking to really open this practice up into something that will combine nicely with my future birth support practice.
For more immediate relief I have been informed that a different role within my company is expected to open up sometime soon. It would be familiar yet new for me, which will really help me wade out my last few years with the company while I complete all of my certifications and build my practice. So, I have taken a deep cleansing breath in...and now I wait for the relieving complete exhale. The Most High has my back so I know it's coming!
Peace and Namaste Ya'll    
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