Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Decisions Good Vibrations

Hey Ya'll,
So remember when I wrote last time about really cutting back on eating land animals and doing my best to eliminate processed foods. Well, apparently it really is what seems to work best for me. This allows me the most freedom in my diet with the greatest results. I don't feel deprived and I actually got a complement today. Someone (outside of the home) noticed that I have looking pretty darn good these days. I really needed that complement to recharge the old self-esteem batteries. Now I know I can survive the massive amount of eating out that is about to happen while we go on vacation. I think I want to change up my workout routine, but I'm nearly finished with Jillian Michael's Body Revolution so I may as well complete the program. Then I think I'm ready for my yoga practice to open itself up again. Sometimes you just have to change things up in order to remember how much you appreciate the way things were.

Side Note: I think I just may begin to post pics of stuff on here to keep things interesting. Everyone loves visuals these days right? Hmm
Namaste Ya'll
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