Wednesday, July 4, 2012


If you couldn't tell by the title of my post, I'm getting a new job and I am so super excited. I am still with the same company but I will be permanently doing work that was originally temporary for me. That means less direct stress, less contact with the public (which is very stressful for me), and more opportunity to utilize my brain. Granted this job won't be easy or always fun, but it will give me great insight to the business side of things which could prove useful in the future for me. Also, I finally get my weekends back. Not every single weekend, because there will be the rare occasion that I will have to go in and help with some launching over a set-up weekend, but the majority of my weekends will be mine and my families again. I get a stead Monday through Friday schedule, no bouncing around week after week trying to remember when I am supposed to be at work the next day. This is a much needed break from the heavy workload I have been baring the past two years. I feel like I will have the chance to do more with my daughter and husband. I really am excited for this upcoming Fall, my husband will be in school, I will be taking classes, and my daughter will be entering the 3rd grade (a pivotal moment in grammar school). Oh yea and with the help on Pinterest I have so many ideas for staying connected to my family and our friends I really believe that I will get to feel like the wife and mother I have always hoped to be.
Peace and Namaste Ya'll
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