Friday, July 27, 2012

The Journey Begins

Hey Ya'll,
So "classes" have officially begun for my Integrative Nutrition program and I am excited, a bit over-whelmed, and ready to get into the meat of it. Right now we are merely getting acclimated with the foundation of the organization. You know, what the mission of the program is, how to get organized, some best practices in setting yourself up for the best experience possible, and most of all for me wrapping your head around how to really put yourself "out there" to gain exposure everywhere you go. This week for me I have tasked myself with getting 2 of my homework assignments completed. I foresee the most difficult part of this style of program for me being the fact that there are very few hard deadlines, it is very "at your own pace". This is both good and bad for me, but I am determined to stay on the positive side.
On another note, I now will have the majority of my weekends to myself and my family once again!! Yay!! No more regular Saturday working for me (of course that's not to say that I won't work any Saturdays again) I plan to become a regular at my local farmer's market gain. Even though most of the good eats stop around October, I'm going to ride this train till the wheels fall off. :-) Also, I think once the heat breaks, which  tends to be late September around here, I plan to start organizing our backyard for gardening. I am not certain what I want to plant just yet so I am going to take my time prepping the yard and thinking about what would work best for my tastes as well as lifestyle.
I so look forward to this shift in my life and nurturing the person inside of me that I have suppressed for so long in order to handle business and just do what needed to be done for  the family. No more deadened spirit; no more depression; no more dissatisfaction with myself or my life. I am still so very sure that I will become the woman/mother/wife that I always imagined I would be. Only I can turn me into Her and that's what I am doing from here on out. Glory to The Most High!!
Peace and Namaste Ya'll
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