Sunday, August 5, 2012

Circles of Minds

Do you even feel like you are supposed to be doing something, but you don't quite fit in yet? Okay, so I had my first "classroom" call today and I feel as though most of the people in my graduating class are already in an active place in their health journey rather than seeking the way to apply the knowledge to their own lives. So many of the lovely people are simply looking to learn how to teach others what they are already doing for themselves. I am beginning to feel as though my story is unique in that I'm using IIN to heal myself way more than I am using it to heal others. Though I do fully intend to share what I learn here with anyone willing to allow me. I know for sure this is for ME not anyone else all others reaping the benefits are a plus. I fear that may sound selfish, but I think I am in this predicament with my body because I have not focused on myself enough throughout the years. Everything has been to please others at the expense of my own needs, not even just my desires. So my very first client will be Me and I get the special 12 month program rather than just the regular 6 month program I will be designing. Grateful for my mission.
Namaste Ya'll
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