Saturday, May 4, 2013

180 in 180 Day 8

Hey Ya'll,
Happy Saturday!! This morning my family and I walked a 5k for the March of Dimes. I was so proud of my little munchkin princess because she was excited to be serving others in such a powerful manner. After that I hooked up my computer and watched the live streaming conference that is going on this weekend at IIN. There have been so many powerful and passion people speaking about making our lives clean, peaceful, and abundantly healthy. And then taking our experiences and spreading across the world to make for a cleaner, more peaceful, and overall healthy place to live. I love everything that I am learning in this program and having like minded people to chat with, even if it is only online. It fuels me to be who I am and ignore the people who are in my immediate networks urging me to be "normal". I have never been like others around me and that has always been just fine with me. Now I get the chance to turn my differences into a way of life as well as a living.
Walking up Lavaca towards the Capital Building during the March of Dimes 5k.
After watching the conference I've started thinking about fashioning a detox plan for myself during what's left of my 180 days. I have not finalized my decision yet, but I'm leaning more towards a vegan diet for at least the next 30 days but maybe longer. I think I'll commit to a specific plan tomorrow once I go grocery shopping. I've always seen detoxifying as a form of meditation, in my religious up bringing fasting is a way of committing to hearing The Most High's next plan for you. In my life now I still feel the same way, but I also feel that it allows my body to talk to me and make room for what we need to be able to do. So this is not about losing weight or "jump starting my diet" for me. This is really about connecting with my Creator as well as connecting with this process that I'm going through in my 180 days. I will sleep on my thoughts tonight and allow the parameters to be set. I think this will be necessary in the efforts of my turn around. Is there another level in your journey that is signaling you to be added to your journey? We shall talk about it later, until then...
Peace & Namaste Ya'll

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