Friday, May 3, 2013

180 in 180 Day 7

Hey Ya'll,
I am ending the last day in my first week of my journey and I think the biggest revelation I'm closing this week out with is that where I am right now is perfectly okay...For Now. That wanting more doesn't have to equal waiting until the day when *insert perfect conditions here* happens in order to feel happy. Or waiting to feel worthy of taking care of myself in specific ways. I don't have to be 50 pounds lighter to deserve a new pair of shoes. I don't have to love the way every inch of me looks naked in order to look in the mirror every morning and be okay with the face staring back at me. I've also gathered that doing what I love makes all of the less enjoyable tasks of my day that much more bearable. Right now I'm rejuvenated and determined, I know that each day brings about new trails and new lessons to learn about myself. All I can do is take each day on, one at a time.

On another note my yoga practice has really picked up and I've even made it into new studio that I joined 3 times this week so far. I'm very proud of myself for this, because so often I end up with what seems like dozens of barriers between me and my practice. I've decided that practicing fills me with too much joy to not partake in it as often as possible. My focus this (in just these 7 days) has shifted from "trying to lose weight" sitting quietly at the forefront of my mind, to wanting a beautiful, evolved, enlightened, advanced practice. Walking clears my lungs and yoga clears everything else. My mind, my intestines, my heart, my spirit it all just clears and rejuvenates with a steady practice for me. This is a feeling that I want to maintain, that I will maintain. Now if only I had a friend or two who loved it as I do, I could really flourish and thrive. Hmm, how many of you have a yoga practice that you are constantly growing in? What style do you primarily practice in? If anything can help move me to the next stage in my life yoga can, and I'm ready for it.
Peace & Namaste Ya'll
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