Tuesday, May 14, 2013

180 in 180 Days 17 & 18

Hey Ya'll,
I would apologize for missing yesterday, but I'm not really sorry. I chose to spend some much needed quality time with the hubby rather than sitting on the sofa next to him blogging and unable to interact wholly. But as a consolation I have taken quite a pictures for you (although you and I both know I need a better camera) But one thing at a time.
Yesterday's yoga session opened the window of hope in my heart and made me that much more grateful for the ability to nurture my practice. I am grateful for the personal time I steal for myself 3 times a week, and I hope to steal a few more moments each week. I am grateful for an instructor who is willing to push us to the edge and attentive enough to know when to back us away from it. I am so grateful for the financial ability to take these classes each week. My time on my mat is so sacred to me, it is my deepest method of prayer. When I find myself at my breaking point with my increasing frustrations at work I make it to the end of the day merely because I know that when I leave I can pray on my mat. If I could cook and practice yoga all day everyday I would be one happy lady. But again...one thing at a time.
I spent time getting into the production of my meals a little to alleviate some of the boredom that can occur sometimes. Bean patties from the freezer made for quick breakfast and lunch. Flipping leftovers into brand new meals to save money and make dinner fast and easy.
Sauteed Mustard Greens, Grilled Red Potatoes, Grilled Garlic Portabella  Mushrooms

Turned stir fried broccoli from last night into a taco

Polenta with Pinto Beans for breakfast

My veg portion of the family's Beef and Broccoli dinner

Garbonzo bean and Brown Rice patty turned into Lettuce Wraps for lunch

Southwest Black Bean and Brown Rice patty Tacos for breakfast 
This is kind of survival mode food for me. It keeps me from grabbing a burger or devouring Bar-B-Que when I'm stressed from work or overwhelmed by the amount of things that need to be done over the course of the week. Though I did have a trigger today and found myself digging in the back of my freezer for Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Fortunately my kiddo was home so I shared the few that I ate and felt less guilty. Do you have something that you are so grateful for in your life right now? Or do you maybe have a bad habit when under stress that you are trying to break? Either way I wish you love, clarity, and wisdom. 
Peace and Namaste Ya'll

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