Sunday, May 5, 2013

180 in 180 Day 9

Hey Ya'll,
So today was the end of the live streaming IIN conference and I'll tell you something. This conference has been kind of serendipitous for me. If you read my post from yesterday you remember me mentioning that I am considering setting myself up on a detox for the rest of this journey. Well the fantastic Alexandra Jaimeson was one of our speakers today and she spoke about detoxifying the body and some of the ways to approach it. It was as if my spirit spoke to the universe and the universe answered directly. So I decided that starting tomorrow I will eliminate all land animals and their products. There will still be no wheat, especially since I've found that I have a bit of an allergy/sensitivity to it. Sustainable seafood that can be sourced and verified as responsibly caught will be had maybe twice a week at the most. My focus is to add more and more veggies, plenty of whole grains, nuts, beans, peas, and legumes. I want to focus of what to have rather than what not to have, then there is less of a sense of deprivation and more of a challenge to display culinary creativity.

Now with today being Cinco de Mayo and my daughter and I having a shared love of Mexican food, but constantly getting vetoed by my husband when we want to have it for dinner. We took advantage of the day and made a platter that literally lasted us a couple of meals today. Good thing I started my morning with a fresh pressed green juice.
Bean and cheese nachos with homemade guacamole and plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
So tomorrow I hope to start focusing on filling my life with more greens and grounding myself in my yoga practice. I want to remove the barriers that I have put up to block the real me from being exposed to the world. Fear of pain has stunted me so now the idea is for this detox to reconnect me to myself, my passions, and my purpose in this life. I seek peace and the opportunity to spread hope and love but that cannot be possible without grounding myself back into my mind, body, and spirit. Did any of you decide to detox? If you would like help fashioning one for yourself I would be glad to help. Just comment below. 
Peace & Namate Ya'll

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