Wednesday, May 22, 2013

180 in 180 Day 26

Hey Ya'll,
Tonight, my husband said that I should tryout for the television show Master Chef next year.
Master Chef is set up for home cooks to compete for a monetary prize and the chance to learn from amazing professionals in the foo industry. It both excites and scares the begeezus out of me. The idea of being on television is just not appealing to me; in fact, it terrifies me. But the idea of getting the chance to learn from chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Graham Elliot would be the opportunity of a lifetime. While I think about it I will just keep practicing in the privacy of my home an feeding people that I love. Maybe I will even evolve this blog and post better food porn here for all to share. I would need a new camera for that, hopefully since I'm such a good girl Santa will bring me one the year for Christmas....and a new laptop Hehehe.

Back to my day today, this morning started well with a nice breakfast before it was shattered by the news of multiple favorite people leaving for other opportunities soon. It really held me until lunch, no snacking, not even the desire to stress eat after the news hit me. I guess I do best with complex carbs, fiber, and protein in the morning. It's a good thing to know the best way to break your nightly fast, everyone is different test out different options for yourself over the next week and see what you come up with.
Vanilla Almond Milk, Chocolate Hazelnut Oatmeal with Strawberries and Bananas
As for today, it was absolutely UNproductive for me, I couldn't focus worth anything. My mind kept wandering off to "What are you doing here?" "Where do you want to take your life?" "How much longer can you live this way?" and because I had not a single answer for any of my questions I kept floundering and daydreaming. I still don't really have any answers for myself, I just really need to get out of where I am and into an inspiring environment. Even yoga was difficult, I got on my mat and struggled though almost the entire class. Until two thirds of the way through when things really started to move quickly and freely as opposed to the long holds in a single pose that we were doing up to that moment. I felt myself breathe again and as the poses started to be held for only a single breath. I'm not sure if this is because mentally and emotionally I'm pretty much completely done with holding and waiting in my life. I crave being able to just flow and move and progress. I think I am reflecting this on my mat as well. Perhaps a chance to do just that in my life is on its way now that I am ready for it. I sure do hope so. Have you noticed that your practices are changing and you need them to become something else to match where you are in life?
Peace and Namaste Ya'll

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