Wednesday, May 8, 2013

180 in 180 Days 11 & 12

Hey Ya'll,
Yesterday I managed to forget that I had two different posts that needed to be made and only did one of them. Oops, good thing ya'll aren't paying me HA! Well, let's see yesterday and today were both excellent food days for me. (Today was really just full of yesterday's leftovers) I ate sauteed kale for breakfast yesterday and a green apple with peanut butter for breakfast this morning. Those were the only differences in my meals between yesterday and today.
Dinner: Baked Tilapia with roasted potatoes and steamed fresh green beans

Beans and rice for lunch from Monday night's leftovers

****ATTENTION TMI MOMENT, skip to the next paragraph if you are sensitive**** Let's just say eating your greens makes for easy digestion if you know what I mean. Man alive! I am just glad that the body acclimates and calms down after a short period of consistent habits.

After having conversations with 2 people whose opinions I value I have come to the conclusion that whatever I choose professionally will not be easy to obtain. It will not be a cash cow. And these two points may very well make my husband uncomfortable for a short period of time, but I'm okay with that. I'm okay with stepping inside of myself to dig deep and find my joy. And because I know myself I know that it will not make my 6 figures a year, but that is why I joined a life long team (i.e. got married) We get to balance each other out and make our lives successful by filling in the gaps, a true Yin and Yang relationship. Getting to deepen my yoga practice is really helping me move through these feelings. Slow, but present, progress in less than 2 weeks. All because I am actually seeking change, but through focusing on my practices that make happy rather than focusing on the symptoms of my broken spirits (weight, skin, finances, etc.) I am so grateful to my experience with IIN, even if I don't become a classic health coach, because I have solidified my understanding of how to make my own life better. How to allow myself to fit Out rather than trying to find a little cubby hole in everyone else's world to fit Into. As I pull my life back in line, I ask you what are you okay with for your own life that doesn't necessarily fit into other's ideas for your life? As those thoughts come up, whether or not you choose to share, I wish you:
Peace & Namaste Ya'll   
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