Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do not feed after 6:30

Hey ya'll,
This week I'm feeling a bit like Gizmo from Gremlins. Being highly aware of what time it is before eating my last meal of the day is a little odd initially. But just like Gizmo I'm sure I'll condition myself in no time and not even Want to eat after a certain hour of the evening. 

I knew that dinner wouldn't be finished tonight until much later in the evening so I chose to eat leftover collard greens with rice and black beans before everyone else ate. 
The stripes of red is today's dose of siracha. I generally have at least one moderately spicy dish a day. Even if it's just hot sauce on my popcorn. And yes, I do eat hot sauce on my popcorn occasionally. Especially when I don't feel like sharing *insert evil maniacal laugh here*. 

This simple dish actually coasted me through the evening all the way to bedtime with no desire to snack. That's pretty exciting because 6:15 seems so early in the day still. Especially when your day outside the home doesn't officially end until around 8:00pm. 

1 bag of chopped collard greens was simmered in water with a smoked turkey wing seasoned with salt and a seeded jalapeƱo pepper for about an hour. 
White jasmine rice cooked according to the rice cooker instructions 
1/3 of a can warmed black beans mixed into the bowl
Squirt as much or as little siracha as you like 

Just a side note please remember to taste your food as you cook so you know if it needs more seasoning. 
Eat more veggies and drink clean water. Apparently that's the secret to most things health related. Let's test that theory. 

Peace and Namaste Ya'll
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