Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's a Wawa?

Hey y'all,
Today was the longest day I've had in quite some time. A full 12 hour day at work did not leave me much time to cook. So needless to say I ran out on a hunt for lunch since I was poorly prepared today. The closest establishment to my job that sells food is a local convenient store/gas station by the name of Wawa. When I was first told "there's a Wawa just around the corner" I was so confused, but dared not ask what Wawa was because I was tired of being looked at like I'm an alien just because I'm not familiar with this place. 

So instead I drove based on the verbal directions give to me and found the infamous Wawa. When I went inside what appeared to simple be a convenient store I was pleasantly surprised by a full functioning hot deli and coffee shop off to the side within the store. I've eaten food from this store on more than one occasion and I'm inclined to say that they have the most consistent execution in their food. 

Today I chose Broccoli cheese soup with a warm whole wheat roll. And to be honest it was pretty good. It was hot, there were chucks of real broccoli to be found, and the soup was just cheesy enough. It was almost as good as Jason's Deli or Panera Bread. Go figure! A gas station of all places serving good soup. 

So I guess if you ever find yourself out East and you happen upon a gas station by the name of Wawa. Go inside, check it out, even order something. It should be a decent experience. 

Off I go to do some bedtime yoga. 
Peace and Namasta y'all 
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