Monday, April 14, 2014

Beating the sugar blues

Hey y'all,
As of today I have 6 days until my birthday and I am super close to a personal goal. And well in order to hit that goal I need to stay really focused on my daily routines and my eating habits. But of course this week I am having an influx of emotions that trigger some old habits with food. 
But fortunately for me I am so muchore aware of myself these days. Mostly because I am not trying to hide from the world or from myself anymore because of my fears, disappointments, or shame. So in light of my ability to acknowledge my feelings and the courage to do something about them I  choosing to drink as much unsweetened herbal tea as my heart desires. Rather than raiding the freezer for this year's thin mint haul. 
Celestial Seasonings has been a long time favorite of my fruity herbal tea selections. Although I have grown found of many other brands, including loose leaf teas. Although I find that when I'm being lazy I just want to pop a bag into hot water wait a minute and sip. 
I know it doesn't take much more with loose leaf teas, but the clean up of the leaves afterwards is what I think about when I'm wanting to put in little effort. Lol. I know. I know. Judge me if you dare, but I'm sure you have a little idiosyncrasy of your own. 
What helps you curb your sweet tooth? 
Big trouble, I also have a ton of time on my hands this week and I feel like baking. Uh oh
Peace and Namaste Y'all 

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