Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Taking liberties with science

Hey y'all,
Today was the day of the kids. Lol 
It's spring break around here and the kiddo has an itinerary for nearly everyday this week. Today's agenda:
1. Have cousin spend the night 
2. Visit the Liberty Science Center
For a few hours we milled around the building interacting with exhibits and trying to not step on small children. 
The building has four floors of exhibits. Everything ranging from environmental resources, to communicable diseases, to native and exotic animals, and robotic surgery. 
It was slightly over priced, but most things here are, and at least the building is well maintained. So no real compaints this time on that. 
The liquid rises into the tubes from the warmth of your hands.... The kiddo's hands were too cold. 
We took the elevators up to the fourth floor then walked back down as we went through the exhibits. 
If you've gotten a feel for me at here I'm sure you know the fact that the renewable energy exhibit was so large really made my heart smile. I honestly believe in diversifying our energy sources and lessening our dependency on crude oil. 
Showing how tides can create energy
This was new information for me and I'm always glad to learn something new y'all. 
This little machine in the middle measures radiation emmissions by clicking faster and louder as more radiation is detected. Sort of like a metal detector 
I learned that the old school Fiesta ware was full of radiation. I set the detector off louder than the fragments of decaying uranium. 
For all of you countertop snobs out there. Granite outs out small constant amounts of radiation. I knew there was a reason I'm more drawn to butcher block. 
Fortunately Fiesta got their act together over the years and the dishes post late 1980's are safe and sound. No uranium, no lead, no melamine. It's good stuff now. Lol
I'm finding that I am quite happy to just watch animals of various kinds these days. 
Turtles of some sort....sorry I forget

This toad was almost the size of my mother's Yorkie. 

Poisonous Dart Frog they are so beautiful. The sign stated they lose their poison when in captivity because of their diets. I don't think I'll test fate. But thanks
THIS is how you watch your kiddo learn how to virtually operate a robotic surgeon arm 
She did really well too
The jacks have to be dropped into the Petri dish with the corresponding color. 
In the gift shop I found this book. I didn't buy it. But it did make me think....there aren't lines of Charming running around looking to save anyone. So why are we still teaching our daughters to prance around doing nothing but looking pretty? She can still be a princess and enjoy building her castle with her own hands. And I would be exceedingly proud if she did. Or if she didn't. As long as what she did was want she loved. 
Happy Spring!!!
Peace to you and Namaste y'all 

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