Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The slow road to homesteading

Hey Y'all!
So this weekend the nice weather rolled in for a day. The kiddo and I took advantage of that and planted the herbs we sprouted indoors. 
We sprouted our seeds in egg shells which can be planted as is and the shells decompose in the soil adding nutrients. I saw this neat idea on Pinterest but the photo I had didn't have a link. Whoever you are, thank you for the idea, it saved money on seedling containers. 
In the past I have made half hearted attempts at starting container gardens. This year I feel a bit different about my little potted plants. For one I don't see it as "yet another thing to take care of" now that my plate in life is overflowing. Also, as of late I have really grown attached to the idea of having my own piece of land one day and operating a little homestead. With a few animals and a big garden. But I can't expect to just hit the ground running on such a project, right? I need to start practicing now if I'm going to succeed at such an endeavor. So we're starting small. Herbs are useful, easy it grow, they don't require a lot of space, and overall a good beginner place I think. 
We have Basil here
This is Dill. I chose dill mostly because the selection of herbs at the store I was in was slim. And dill made the most since for the summer dishes I could make with it. So expect to see new potato salad posts, fish recipes, and maybe even something you might not normally think of with dill. 
Here we have Cilantro! My star player. Mostly because I love Mexican and Asian food so much and this herb is utilized quite a bit in both cuisines. Now I won't have a half bunch of wilted cilantro in the fridge because I forgot the rest needed to be used after taco night. Lol
My kiddo was so excited to get her hands into the dirt. She thinks she wants to be a little farmer with me even though she has no idea what that would entail. Lol but that's why I love her so much, she's so excited about everything in life. And she's really growing into the little animal lover. I have a feeling you may be seeing even more vegetarian dishes from me once she hits her teenage years. Lol. And that will be just fine with me. 
This little contraption was not easy on the fingers to snap together. The whole idea was simple, but the squeezing of plastic pieces was not. Lol
But success was had. Pots were filled with soil. Seedlings were planted along with their compostable "pots". Water was given. And a sunny spot was selected. 
I don't think my mother was looking to have pots full of dirt Inside the house. So we hung the pots from the banister out back. I said a little prayer asking that there were no winds strong enough to knock them over. And viola! All finished. 
(Yes that's my grill in the background. I picked it out all by myself. I love that grill. Lol)
All in all this is one of the most fun and fulfilling projects we've done in awhile. Oh did I mention that each pot drains excess water down into the pot below it? It's pretty cool to watch. Do you have any plant projects going for this Spring? If so, what? Are you an experienced gardener with some tips for us newbies? Share your knowledge because I know I will need the help sooner or later. Lol 
Peace and Namaste Y'all 

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