Monday, September 16, 2013

180 in 180 Day 143

Hey Ya'll,
Today I felt lighter and better able to move. I felt focused and determined. I felt like everything I've been doing these last few weeks is starting to make a difference in me. I don't think I look any different, but I definitely feel different. My life is lighter, my heart is lighter, my mind is lighter, and I know that my body will follow suit. I'm practicing breathing and simply taking in my surroundings so I don't miss any Blessings meant for me. I know I'm not finished spinning around in my full 180 degrees yet, but when I am my new view is going to be so amazing.

Breakfast today was just as it has been the last few days:
Dutch Chocolate Achieve and 32 ounces of water
And yes I had 4 of these bottles of water today

Lunch was a bit more...sad really. LOL I planned to make myself a salad, BUT the refrigerator thought today was a good say to freeze virtually every vegetable in the crisper bins. *insert sad face* Lettuce, cucumber, carrots, red bell peppers all frozen. So this is what I had for lunch
A grapefruit and leftover bbq steak
I managed to salvage a handful of baby carrots and half an avocado as well...So not all was lost

Even though my lunch was a bit random and scavenger-like I managed to get a full belly that coasted me through to my dinner shake. 
I didn't even have the Accell for a mid-evening boost. 

After all of my good vibes, good workouts, and good-ish eating I think I will sleep like a log tonight. As a matter of fact I'm calling it a night right now...before I get hungry and ruin all of my good. Here's to a tomorrow full of good and light being shone on life. 

Peace & Namaste Ya'll

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