Friday, September 13, 2013

180 in 180 Day 140

Hey Ya'll,
Let me start off by saying today did not go as planned. BUT it did not go poorly either. I had a program to attend at my daughter's school this morning but there was only an arrival time on the flyer. No end time or agenda was given to parents. So, I ASSumed that it would be quick, an hour tops, and I could come straight home for my breakfast. Negative! I was at that school nearly 3 hours being told pretty much the same thing over and over again for nearly two-thirds of that time. After hour 2 I gave in and ate one of the bagels they had set up for parents to partake in. After my run and workout with Jillian Michael's early this morning I couldn't hold out any longer for my Achieve. *Le sigh* Oh well, I managed to not veer too far off track even though I had a rocky start. I don't have a picture of my breakfast, mostly because it was not on the menu today, but it was a small sesame seed bagel with plain light cream cheese.

Lunch was another leftover collaboration
Steamed Broccoli with marinara sauce, rice, and a baked chicken leg

I made my kiddo an after-school snack and of course I had to dip my hand into it a couple of times. Well, because it's the best snack my opinion.
Air-popped Popcorn!!! Mmmm, yes there was a little REAL butter
Because I was thrown off my game from the start today I opted out of the Chili Cheese Dog dinner tonight. Yea, no one else around here is all that focused on dropping the pounds. But that's okay, because this is for me...And I didn't have to stand around cooking the food. So I was good with my evening shake.
Dutch Chocolate Achieve shake
Oh! By the way, that bottle holds about 32 ounces of water. I have had 4 full bottles today

So I had my shake around 5:30 this evening and around 7:15 after all of the grilled hot dog and chili smells subsided I found myself having a little rummbly in my tummbly. (in my best Winnie the Pooh voice) So I played it smart. 
Sweet Watermelon and yes I sprinkled a bit of salt on it. I can't help it, it's the country girl in me.

But all in all not a bad day. I think tomorrow will have a more liberal dinner with a structured breakfast and lunch. After all, who watches a boxing match without chicken and beer... I'm just saying. 

Peace and Namaste Ya'll

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