Friday, April 5, 2013

So Close I Can Taste It

Have you ever felt as if you knew exactly what you needed (to do or obtain) in order to allow the dominoes to all fall into place in your life? That if just one major "Primary Food" would shift in your life toward the right direction everything else would correct itself. I have that feeling often, but I now have the feeling that I will need to endure some discomfort and maybe even be a little "bad" in terms of what is expected of me at this stage of my life. You know, the whole wife, mother, sister, daughter thing. This year I made a goal board for myself and the biggest part of the board was to do things for me, things that make me happy or will place me in a space to advance my life in a way that will impact my eternity.

At one point I began to view my course work with IIN as just a way to see inside myself and heal. And I do absolutely still view this program as my personal healing platform, but what is different is I am viewing myself as my very first client. Which plants the seed of thought that there will be other clients to follow. Until the concept of group coaching was brought into the the coursework I was apprehensive about even considering myself a health coach. Now that I see a way of coaching that better suits my style, the concept does not produce such anxiety for me. Because I am nearly finished with the program I now have access to pretty much all documents and coaching tools. So unlike 6 months ago I am now equipped to really test my coaching skills out on the most difficult client ever... Me

Starting this Sunday I will begin a 6-month program on myself and hope to achieve some life altering goals. Both in my Primary Food (the food that nourishes my soul) and my Secondary Food (the food that nourishes my body). I fully intend for this year to be different from years past. I intend to live the life that I know is deep within me and in doing so I will be able to share my beliefs with credibility. I only hope to bring awareness to my community and to "Be the change that I want to see in the world". Which domino of your life needs to be re-positioned first to get the line falling into place?
Peace & Namaste Ya'll
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