Monday, April 29, 2013

180 in 180 Day 3

Hey Ya'll,
So Monday has come and gone. To avoid putting negativity out in my world I'm a just going to say that I am glad to have been given another day and that much more grateful to have survived to see the end of the day. I'm ready for bed but there are still so many things that need to be done before I can allow myself to call it a night... A mother's work is never done *le sigh. LOL Oh well.

I found an interesting site for freelance writers that I plan on checking out in greater deal later on. Hopefully it produces some profitable results for me. Until then I must continue to be productive with the work I do have and write just for fun. Life could be Has been worse and I am so glad that it no longer is. While working today I was listening to my course modules for IIN and it occurred to me that I focus so much on what I have yet to accomplish sometimes that I forget to celebrate that fact that I made it this far in life. So even though my allergies have been giving me the absolute blues over the last 2 days I went to yoga looking in hopes of getting enough of a boost to last me until bedtime. So far it has worked I only need to survive one more blog post, putting away the leftovers, folding a load of laundry, and letting the dog out before bed. some of those things can, and will, be done at the same time; multi-tasking a mother's best friend. I did not manage to get in a mile today, BUT my yoga class was an hour long and I still have 6 days left to manage 5 miles. It shall be done.
My meals today were not completely clean, but there were gluten free. Woo Hoo Yay Me! Seriously breaking my gluten addiction is a big ordeal. For breakfast I had a couple of hard boiled eggs with steamed greens and tomatoes. I didn't take a picture of it because, well frankly because it was ugly. But it tasted great. Here's lunch and dinner though:
Sesame Ginger Rice  Salad
Brown rice, carrot, cucumber, green onion, tomato, sesame ginger dressing
Served on top of salad greens
Roasted cabbage, Tomatoes, and Herbs de Provence Halibut with Broccoli Rice Casserole

As you can see a lot of rice was had today (no I did not eat that entire container of Brown Rice salad) But what I'm most proud of is having greens in all three meals today. I didn't feel the need to eat myself senseless at any point today. Though that may have a lot to do with the fact that I can barely breath and the joy of eating is lessened quite a bit when you can't smell. I guess allergies are good for something every now and then? Well as usual thank ya'll for stopping by, maybe leave me a comment and let me know what you are working on adding in or crowding out of your life. Off to finish my day before calling it a night. 
Peace and Namaste Ya'll
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