Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I wonder how long it would take?

Hey Ya'll,
I've been thinking (and sometimes that can be dangerous LOL) but this time I've been thinking about making the most of...well, of Everything. This year has brought about a number of media sensationalized tragedies and the exposure that these events were given have me feeling extremely mortal. It's easy to say tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, when the kids are out of the house, when I get a new job (etc. Etc.) as a way of postponing the things that need to happen to allow room for the things we Want to happen. So I've been wondering how long would it take for one person to really dig deep and take what they want out of life? I guess it really all depends on what exactly it is that the person is gunning for in their life, huh?
I know for sure that I want to do a full 180 degree turn about in my life. The way I eat (actually my overall relationship with food), my self-care habits, my career, my exercise regimen, my housekeeping habits, even my lovemaking habits with my husband. I want everything to be cleaner, more deliberate, more reliable, more enjoyable, and amazingly fun. I've spent so much of my life waiting until conditions were just right for the next level to be okay to reach for, but why? Maybe it's because I tend to feel as though I am not worthy of my next level's desires until I've mastered the few things that I'm supposed to be able to achieve at the level that I'm currently at (weight loss, housekeeping, studying, top notch work at work, etc.) So now I find myself wondering how long would it take for me to do a complete overhaul of my life, 6 months, 12 months 18 months? I am wondering if I can make a near 180 degree turn about in 180 days. New habits, new goals, new ideas, new career path, new sex life, new clothes, all ingrained in my life by the end of 180 days.I wonder if as I put myself through my health coaching program and document daily what I've accomplished if I can really melt away the most undesirable parts of my life? I'm willing to take on this experiment and tap into my nerd girl side to test my hypothesis. Saturday April 27, 2013 thru October Thursday October 24, 2013 will be the 180 days that I use to see just how much change can occur in that proposed time. So this means that you will need to hear from me more regularly than you currently do, daily rather weekly, hopefully you don't get tired of me. :-)
If anyone else out there decides to experiment on yourself let me know and let's share focal points. Here are mine:
To clean up my food habits - both how I purchase it and how I eat it (crowd out gluten & sugar)
To regulate my exercise regimen - build the yoga practice that I have been nursing back into existence. Walk at least 5 miles a week.
To choose the direction that my career will flow in for the next 5-10 years. - pick a lane and fly out of the one that I am currently in.
Have fun - To meet with my friend(s) and allow myself the chance to have mindless fun at least once every 3 or 4 weeks.
Make love a priority - Stop allowing life to suck the life out of me by the time it's "bed" time.
Do a little everyday - Let go of the idea that I have to have the time/desire/energy to clean the whole house in a single day. Try out other plans of attack to see what Really works for me. (maybe one room a day?)
Try out more of my ideas - Stop allowing good ideas to fall by the waist side, nurture them and see what really does work.
I think that these are reasonable changes to expect to happen in 180 days. They will all require daily participation and focus. These points will also have an enormous effect on my life once they are a way of life for me. I'm excited, let's see what happens and how close to 180 I get in 180.
Peace and Namaste Ya'll
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