Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Choices

So I woke up this morning feeling exceptionally proud of myself after stepping off the scale and witnessing a teenie tiny success. But a success none the less. Last night I was faced with sit and be lazy while waiting for a free pizza to come my way OR get up fix dinner and get move my body around long enough to break a sweat. Without much convincing I chose to fire up the grill (no pots and pans to wash, yay!) make dinner and step up on the treadmill. Dinner was simple, taste, did not cost me extra money beyond my budgeted grocery bill, and did not break my gluten free dairy free fast before I was supposed to.
Grilled rosemary chicken, bacon wrapped asparagus, grilled sweet potatoes and russet potatoes 
I think I am most proud of the fact that I didn't have to berate myself into a guilt laden half @$$ed job. I got to watch one of the many television shows that I have on DVR while I took to the treadmill. I knew that unless I changed the way I looked at what needed to be done I would always struggle with actually doing it. This of course will be a daily effort but with each day less effort will be required. I look forward to when all of these better choices feel simply like, my life. 

Namaste Ya'll

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