Thursday, July 15, 2010

Starting A New Journey

Okay, so I've decided that starting in the morning I'm beginning a 365 day journey. My journey will challenge me to open up my yoga practice for at least 30 minutes everyday. It will not have to be 30 all at once, though I would prefer it, it can be broken up into 2 increments of 15 minutes or 3 increments of 10 minutes. It all will depend on what the day allows me to commit to at the time. Hopefully by the end of my journey I will find a system that works for me and will allow me to practice for 90 minutes each day. I have a book full of poses and favorite fan club on Facebook and a site I follow on Twitter to help me get through enhancing my poses. I feel good and I am focused. Now I need a detox plan to add to the beginning, middle, and the end of this journey. I will be posting my progress here daily, everything from mental clarity to emotional stability to upper body strength to weight loss and ability to hold a handstand.

This will give me a reason to blog daily and something to focus on while I hunt for a new job. Let's hope I don't bore the pants off of everyone LOL
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