Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 3 of the Open Mat Journey

Technically I didn't really open my mat yesterday. But I did do quite a bit of moving on the floor, standing up, and in my chair. I had to focus my breathing a few times and clear my mind as if I were on my mat. So in my head I may as well have opened my mat. I think yesterday was just a really long day since we were all so from Saturday night. Go figure, and I didn't even drink, guess I'm just not used to being up and out so late. I think I'll for go the treadmill today, my legs are really tight, and spend an hour on my mat. That means 3 podcasts for me, let's see if my family will allow to have that time to myself in one continuous moment. Sounds like a challenge within a challenge to me Haha Be back later to let you know how that goes.
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