Thursday, July 29, 2010

Open Mat Journey - Absence

Hey Ya'll,
I know I've been MIA for about a week.Over the weekend I was out of town for an international convention. And through this week I simply kept meaning to get on here but never seemed to make it. There have been a couple days where I missed moving through even a handful of poses, but for the most part I succeeded in moving and opening my mat. Even on Saturday while out of town I stretched and strengthened. I didn't have my mat with me, so I was exceptionally proud of myself. Plus pushing through a Down Dog was  the best thing I could have done at the time for my aching lower back. I'm still nursing this "skating injury" LOL My wrist/hand is nearly as tender has it had been previously,  but my lower back is still very much out of whack. Not as badly as it had been originally, but still rather continuously uncomfortable. I've started rising early again, and it's great, I'm able to open the mat before anyone is even thinking about setting foot on the floor from the bed. That's the way I like it. I'm able to focus and breath and move and remember what to do next. When everyone is awake and moving about I can't quiet my mind. But, I'm going to have to start training myself to wake up even earlier pretty soon because school starts in a few shorts weeks here and my child will be awake and moving at the 6:30 (which is the time I'm waking up right now) Goodness, that's going to be hard for me, I've always had a bit of a mental block in regards to being able to rise from the bed before the clock says 5:45am. I don't know what it is LOL......I'll have to start working on it Monday, which is when the little one will have to return to hitting the hay early and waking up early to prepare her body for school hours.

Oh yea........I'm supposed to be scheduling an interview with a company I've LOVED for years now!! I'm so excited, I hope I don't blow this. AND I truly pray that When I'm offered this job we can move and my husband will find a better job that suits his personality, or lifestyle, and our financial needs. Amen. Okay, I feel better know. I'm going to try and do better about making it here daily. Love You Guys (even though no one is here LOL)
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