Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wading through the Muck

It seems we all go through upsetting funks in our lives. Many of us find ourselves feeling lonely, dejected, and hopeless. For those of us who believe in a higher power it's often saddening because we feel a bit abandoned. We feel as though we continue to try and live in a favorable manor, doing good in our lives and in the lives of others. But we are still left to be consumed by the demons of desolate wasteland hearts. We're supposed to feel connected to ourselves and then allow the universe to bring in all its offerings to us. Sometimes we so deeply want to feel needed in order to remember our worth that we forget we need us more than anyone ever could. We forget to nurture our minds, to grow our spirits, to strengthen our bodies, or to soften our hearts. Once we've established a new sense of focus in our lives when is it okay to accept love back into our lives? When do we get to feel the quickening heartbeats, the butterflies in the stomach, the day-dreams of forever? When is okay to desire another person's company again? When is it okay to crave that someone's body again? To smell them in your sleep and smile? To taste their lips and hum? To be carried away by passion for this person and get lost in dreams for them? When is it okay for happily ever after to actually turn out just like that.....Happily? When is it okay for others to stop disappointing our hearts? When is it okay to believe that others will stop disappointing our hearts? When does everything align itself and simply create a good existence?
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