Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am so amazingly bored with my life right now. Not only am I bored, but I am lonely too. Grrrrrr I've been studying for obtaining my teaching certification, but the studying isn't holding my attention long enough to keep me occupied once it gets close to dinner time. My kid is great, but I need an adult to talk to and laugh with. I'm starting to feel like I'm on my own again and that's not good, because I have a brand new outlook on life. I'm not clinging to anything or anyone anymore. I'm going to live a good life, do what I know is right and allow things to happen organically. No more fighting, I'm tired. No more crying, I'm tired. No more questioning, suspecting, assuming or hoping, I'm tired. If I can't have peace of mind in my own home then why live there right? So I'm piecing back together the parts of me that had been shattered and scattered. And everyday more and more of them fall back into their rightful place. So me being Lonely and Bored is becoming dangerous because now I will be more inclined to go out looking to be entertained. Sometimes when you go looking for one thing you find a whole bundle of others. *giggle* But I only have 7 weeks remaining before I relocate back to Austin. Hmmm, not completely sure if I want to go, but why not right? It's not like things are moving steadily along here. Being a stay at home mom is cool when you are not paralyzed by having literally absolutely no money at your disposal, no adult interaction of a positive nature, and no hobbies other than a couple hours to workout in the mornings. I'm totally batty in my head now. ughhh Maybe I'll get a sewing machine for my birthday or something and  learn how to make things LOL who knows
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