Saturday, August 17, 2013

180 in 180 Day 113

Hey Ya'll,
So I know I've left you high and dry for the last 47 days... and for that I apologize. Please know I have been continuing with my 180 degree turn around. But apparently I had a LOT further to turn around in my life so that I could meet my 180 degree change. All those days that I spent so deep in my feelings were a mere symptom of the excessive amount of toxic clutter in my life that needed to be cleared. It's amazing how sometimes we try so hard to keep something that we THINK we want only to realize that the energy we spent clinging to something that never served us with purpose, positivity, or love was wasted and we can only hope to be wiser for it going forward in our lives.

So, I have released as much toxicity at one time from my life as I possibly could during this journey. Jobs, relationships, ideas, pre-conceived notions, plans, expectations (both of me and from me) are all relinquished. I felt immediately lighter, even healthier and happier, once I accepted that everything I had convinced myself I needed/wanted/loved was really just me forcing a life woven from fabrications and expectations. Once I told myself that it was okay to stop pretending to be who I am and really BE who I am, I started to believe know that my life was meant for so much more than what I was trying to cram it into. My soul expanded and filled the world. Now I am at home in my life. And it is time to decorate my life exactly the way I choose. No more questioning how long my path will take, or if it will make enough money, or if my need to move to follow my passions will be acceptable. No more being held back by anything or anyone.

Yes, these shifts in my life were scary at first. But not for very long at all, fortunately I have an amazing support system that I can rely on to catch me when I need to sit in limbo professionally for a short period of time. Right now, they are my Free Space in life and I'm setting my marker there while I get my plan together. Of course I do need to devise a plan for my life, but now I can actually follow my heart. Unfortunately, I've been suppressing my heart's passions for so many years that I'm needing a little more time to reconnect with what she's saying again. But with so few distractions in my life now I know it won't be long before we're speaking the same language again. I'm back and I'm reporting on the rest of my journey for ya'll to follow.

Have any of you had a big unexpected swing in your journey and now you realize how far 180 degrees from your current life truly is? If so, share with the rest of the class. :-) LOL

Peace and Namaste Ya'll

P.S. I have been keeping up with my workouts. They keep my sane, but I'm ready to switch this program up. 3 more weeks until it's over and I can mix it up.
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