Monday, December 13, 2010

Doing Well But Falling Behind

Well I'm more than sure no one is out there anymore (if there ever was anyone lurking) especially since I've been taking months in between each post.....My Bad. Apparently Mommy is not allowed to have a hobby or side interest unless she's able to complete it before anyone else in the house wakes up. *shrug* Oh well, I've also been completely slacking on my open mat journey. I think I'm just feeling stuck and unable to progress adequately in my practice without at least a weekly classes with an instructor. But I may have an idea for rejuvenating my home practice. I found a wonderful Primary Ashtanga Posture poster and I hope to pick one up for myself as a Christmas gift to me :-) LOL and hopefully if I hang it up in the right spot I will be more encouraged to practice everyday, even if for a short time. I've also decided to add to my open mat journey by adjusting my diet to guide me to greater enlightenment. I intend to do 365 days of gradual change. Hmm, but first I must create my parameters so that I progress consistently, steadily, and painlessly. (Theoretically) Once I've made all of my guidelines for myself I will begin. Most likely it will be a classic New Year's "new beginning" type project. I'll need a few new books (Yay an excuse to buy more books!) *happy dance* :-)

P.S. the new job has been going really well. I enjoy the people I work with. I've been getting tons of OT lately, but we hired some extra staff so the OT will be going away soon. (no biggie) and I have another supervisor whom I enjoy working with. This is literally one of the best jobs I've ever had. And yes, I'm still investigating the new career path option. I still have not made a definite move in the direction to say yay or nay to my new idea. But I'm still actively researching the subject. Thank you to those who may peek in on me  from time to time. I aim to write my regularly. For now, Good Night Ya'll.
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