Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big Wins!

Hello out there.....So I've been M.I.A. for awhile now and it's due to a number of things. My open mat journey has had it's ups and downs but ultimately I'm really hoping to be able to afford and attend a class on a regular basis very soon. I'm not holding my breath though so I must continue to practice at home. I do have some great news.....I found a job. My title will Reproductive Health Specialist (but where is going to stay with me *wink*) I'm extremely excited because I have been hunting for a job for a year now, and I have been hunting for a job in my field of study for 4 years now and this position brings an end to both searches. Wooo Hooo!! So now that I have a job I get to start planning how to advance my career...and guess what I'm creating a new 10 year plan and this time it involves options that I honestly feel will actually leave me feeling fulfilled and happy. I'm already being the research process and I expect to begin the program study within the next 18 months. I figure that gives us time to save money for both a home and my tuition and fees. I'm making connections with women in the industry and plan to expand my professional networks as far as they can reach. I'm trying not to verbalize my desires just yet because it seems as though every time I get a bit excited about personal possibilities I discover something that just doesn't quite suit me and must announce that I will not be completing the process. So I am in the preliminary stages of something I find very intriguing and if it pans out the way I believe it might, I will share with the world what I am choosing "To be when I grow up" *joy* :-)
I'm feeling great these days and I am so grateful to The Most High and the opportunities I've had in meeting new people and having new experiences. I hope that whomever is out there maybe reading this is able to take away some of the positive energy that I am feeding into this post. With much love to you all....Peace & Namaste 
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